We all know that our families change and grow so rapidly that documenting all of the special moments can be challenging. Photographer Kelly MacDonald specializes in capturing families in their most natural moments. Kelly, who has run her own photography business in Ontario for five years and recently moved to Calgary, is ready to explore her new home and help local families create portraits that they’ll treasure as the kids grow up.

“When photographing my clients, I look to the images of my own kids that mean the most to me,” Kelly says. “I love just spending time with families, seeing how they interact… the simple glances kids give their parents, what makes them laugh, what makes them special and then capturing that. When I present the images to the family afterwards they tell a story, a story unique to that family.”


Kelly’s gorgeous photos capture all of the little things that make a family special and magical. It’s not about the props, fancy clothes, or location — it’s about the happiness that shines through people who love each other. Kelly’s knack for finding the beauty in the everyday things you do with your family, be it going out for ice cream, or even just sitting at the breakfast table enjoying the morning together, is what makes her work so unique. Decades from now, it will be the real life moments that matter, and these photos will keep those memories alive.

Check out Kelly’s blog for more examples of her work.


Kelly’s Details:

Phone: 587-352-8152
Email: info@kellytakesphotos.com
Website: www.kellytakesphotos.com
Blog: www.kellytakesphotos.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KellyMacDonaldPhoto
Twitter: @KellyTakesPhoto