July 2012

Today I decided to brave the heat and take the kids down to the Stampede grounds.

Our first stop was the BMO Kids Zone where my little girl loved meeting Olivia, Jess and Lunette. They are some of her favorite characters from some of her favorite shows.


Kids love nothing better than hands on play so we ventured to the City Discovery Centre where there is plenty of opportunity for hands-on Agrium Ag-tivity. They loved digging with trucks in the canola seed, planting their very own sunflower (which they got to keep) and meeting loads of farm animals. They also got to try milking a “cow” which they thought was hysterical. It was also a great place to get out of the sun considering it was a scorcher today!


digging in canola with trucks


planting sunflowers



a mama and her baby pigs


holding a little chick was the highlight of his day


milking a “cow”


the next best thing to riding a real horse

If you are heading down to the Calgary Stampede, be sure to take some time to visit the Agrium Ag-tivity in the City Discovery Centre. It is one of our favorite spots to play and learn every year at the Stampede.