Dates extended until September 30, 2022!

Failure is not fatal. You learn from failure, not success. You only fail when you don’t try. Does any of this sound like something you’ve told your kids? Or yourself?! This summer, it’s time to celebrate (and learn from) failure! The worldwide touring exhibit, The Museum of Failure (MOX), is coming to Canada for the very first time! It’s popping up at Southcentre Mall from July 1 to September 30, 2022, and this immersive walk-through exhibition showcases a collection of over 130 failed innovations from major brands, including Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, and more. From the Segway to Google Glass, some of the world’s most prominent companies have produced their fair share of flops. But as the old saying goes, failure is the best teacher!

The Museum of Failure made its debut in Sweden, where it was founded by Dr. Samuel West, a licensed psychologist who studies innovation and failure. West sees the museum as a way to learn from past mistakes, saying “We need to have failures to create progress.” The exhibit has previously been hosted in such cities as Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, and Minneapolis but this will be the first time that the museum comes to Calgary and Canada.

MOX - Museum of Failure (Family Fun Calgary)

This unique walk-through experience is designed for visitors of all ages, making it a great family outing this summer. The Museum of Failure shines a spotlight on some of history’s epic failures. From the Ford Edsel to New Coke to Colgate Frozen Dinners, some of the world’s most prominent companies have produced their fair share of flops. It’s a rare experience for visitors to learn about the important role of failure in innovation; artifacts span the centuries, from the 17th century up to the present day. And before you leave, add your own personal story of failure to the Failure Confessional!

The Museum of Failure is a unique and fascinating place that reminds us that even the biggest and most successful companies can sometimes fail. Bring the whole family to learn and to laugh at MOX – Museum of Failure. It’s located in the Southcentre Mall on the southeast end of the building, between Decathlon and Craft Beer Market. You can only access the exhibit from the outside of the mall and parking is free.

Get your tickets to the Museum of Failure here. A smartphone audio guide app is included in the ticket price and features interactive virtual tour elements, including video trivia and unlockable content. And then remember that failure is success in progress!

MOX - Museum of Failure (Family Fun Calgary)

MOX – Museum of Failure:

When: July 1 – September 30, 2022
Time: Wednesday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
Where: Southcentre Mall
Address: 100 Anderson Road SE, Calgary, AB