Art, music, drama, sports, social clubs and educational enrichment … there are a lot of extracurricular activities that your kids could take part in. Here at Family Fun Calgary, we want to make it easier for you to find quality extracurricular programs that you AND your kids will love. It’s always a great time to try something new or get back to what you love, so keep reading to find the BEST lessons for kids in Calgary! We’ll be adding to this page regularly so come back often to see what’s happening.

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Calgary Young People's Theatre PD Camps (Family Fun

Calgary Young People’s Theatre PD Camps

How do you manage PD days in your family? It’s fun to take a day off and do something with your kids or set up an epic play date with a friend. But sometimes that’s not possible and you need other arrangements. Then plan for wacky and wonderful PD days, where your kids have an amazing time and you know they’re safely cared for, with Calgary Young People’s Theatre PD Camps!

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Calgary Young People's Theatre (CYPT) Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

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Calgary Young People’s Theatre Spring Lessons

Creativity, drama, and a safe place to belong: your kids will find their niche with drama classes that carry them from winter to spring. Parents know all about navigating the drama of family life, so this is a chance to add some positive drama to your life! Calgary Young People’s Theatre Drama Classes are designed to inspire and excite your kids with all the creative possibilities. Find classes for ages 4 – 18 to discover drama.

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Green Fools Theatre Spring ProgramsGreen Fools Spring Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

After the dark winter months, it’s time to get moving! And spring is the time for all things new, so your kids can get active by trying something completely new, like running away to the circus! With juggling, balancing, aerials, and laughing with new friends, Green Fools Theatre offers amazing circus programs to help aspiring performers and acrobats enjoy a fun and unique activity. Check out the fascinating opportunities with the Green Fools Theatre.

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Morpheus Theatre School (Family Fun Calgary)Morpheus Junior Theatre School Program

If you have young actors, get them on stage this year with Morpheus Theatre! With singing, acting, and a chance to perform, your kids and teenagers will find their niche with Morpheus Theatre’s G&S Junior Theatre School program. Even if your child is not dreaming of a career on stage, performing can help build confidence, encourage teamwork, and help kids find a place to belong. This is the year they can shine!

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MRU Camps (Family Fun Calgary)MRU Camps — PD Day Camps

A day off school and a chance to play games, stay in your pyjamas, or get together with a friend — PD days are awesome when you’re a kid! They’re sometimes a little trickier when you’re a parent, however, as Mom and Dad’s schedule isn’t always so easy to manage. That’s when you’ll appreciate the high-quality PD day camps of MRU Camps. Both parents and kids will love the next PD day!

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SSD Stryker Spring Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

SSD Spring Lessons

Spring is here — what are your kids doing? Do they want to have fun and sharpen their sporting skills? Get ready, because SSD (Stryker Sports Development) offers spring sessions in volleyball and basketball, so kids can learn fundamental skills with experienced coaches! Plus, you can save money with the discount code SPRING25OFF for $25 off your registration (expires March 30).

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