Warm up your singing voices, don your best costumes, and bring your Hallo-weenies out for a special treat this October and a concert designed for the little ones! The Singing with Sylvia Halloween Howl is all about dressing up, enjoying a fun concert for kids, and dancing along with the pure joy of the season.

Sylvia Chave loves the sweet and the sticky, and that includes all the little ones! She offers lively musical shows that will have kids singing and dancing, wiggling and giggling. With catchy, original songs, she sings about life from a kid’s perspective, which makes her songs relatable and memorable. But she’s more than a singer — her travelling “Transformation Station” is jam-packed with vibrant creations to carry the whole family into a world of make-believe and imagination, guaranteed to bring a fresh and funny performance every time. Originally from Saskatchewan, Sylvia has moved to Calgary and this is the perfect time to enjoy a concert.

Singing with Sylvia Halloween Howl

The Singing with Sylvia Halloween Howl is a treasured October tradition and it takes place at the Robert McClure United Church on October 30 – 31, 2023, at 10:30 am. It’s a lively way to spark the silly and the joy in your children. Your little ones will enjoy songs, action rhymes, and dancing their way through Halloween fun.

Everyone will enjoy the concert, especially children ages 0 – 8 years. The show is approximately 45 minutes long and tickets are $10 each. (Inquire about group rates for preschools and daycares!) All proceeds are going to the Robert McClure United Church Food Pantry & Infant Formula to be distributed by the NE Family Connections. Don’t forget your costumes — this is the perfect outing for little ones to celebrate this exciting time of year!

This Halloween, let your little trick-or-treaters enjoy a musical treat they won’t find anywhere else! Head to the Singing with Sylvia Halloween Howl and get up on your feet to sing and dance, wiggle and giggle!

(Want to see what Singing with Sylvia is all about before you go or enjoy more singing after the show? Head to the Singing with Sylvia YouTube channel to keep spreading the joy of singing or find Sylvia on Spotify.)


Singing with Sylvia Halloween Howl:

When: October 30 – 31, 2023
Time: 10:30 am
Where: Robert McClure United Church
Address: 5510 26th Ave NE, Calgary, AB
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SingingwithSylvia