Calgary Young People's Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Add Some (Positive!) Drama to Your Child’s Summer With a Calgary Young People’s Theatre Summer Camp

The curtain will rise on summer camp fun this year with the Calgary Young People’s Theatre. These camps are perfect for kids and teens who want to dive into drama, express themselves, and showcase their creativity. No experience is necessary and the camps are led by experts in the field.
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Pinnovate Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Add a Little Creativity to Your Life With Pinnovate Summer Art Camps

What has been helpful for you and your family over the past year? Many people with engaging hobbies have found an opportunity to pursue joy, even in the midst of stressful times. Pinnovate DIY Studio knows what that’s like and not only have they been keeping busy with arts, crafts,
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Explorum Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)
Explorum Birthday Parties: Party at Home With Virtual Parties

Bake the cake and bring the animals and the art! Invite your friends and discover volcanoes or oceans! Even in the midst of a pandemic, our energetic kids keep learning, growing, and having birthdays. It can be tricky for parents to find something that’s permitted (and still fun!) when it
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Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Code Ninjas Summer Camps: Playing, Learning, and Fun With Technology

What have our kids done so much of in the last year? Like all of us, many kids are spending more time on screens, and while it might not be fun to learn how to add fractions in online school, it’s still pretty great to head online to play your favourite
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Quest Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Make! Believe! Imaginations Soar at Quest Theatre Summer Camps

Imagination is the cornerstone of childhood, bringing joy to every corner of life. Do you have favourite memories from childhood, when a box was a castle or a stick was a magic wand? This summer your kids can make their own funny and exciting memories! When school lets out it’s time for
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Calgary Zoo (Family Fun Calgary)
Bring the Zoo to You! Calgary Zoo Virtual Camps and Programs

When school’s out and the kids have energy to spare, how do you keep your kids busy? PD Days can sometimes throw a parent’s best-laid plans completely out of orbit, especially in this time of COVID. Did you know that the Calgary Zoo offers virtual school programming for PD Days?
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Pedalheads (Family Fun Calgary)
Biking and Beyond! Pedalheads Bike Summer Camps Offer a Fun, Active Summer

Calgary is a biking city and many Calgary parents already know all about the benefits that Pedalheads Summer Camps offers their kids. Calgary kids have done everything from getting rid of their training wheels, to learning bike safety, to trail riding through a Pedalheads program. And what an exciting moment
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Sampler (Family Fun Calgary)
Sign up for Free Samples from Sampler

  Remember how much fun it was when grocery stores handed out samples? Studies show that 62% of consumers think product sampling is the best way to convince them to change brands, and you can see why that is true. When the kids try a sample of something new and love
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WinSport Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
This Summer, Kids Will Stop Watching and Start Playing at WinSport Summer Camps

After months spent indoors and life in front of a screen, it’s time to get outside and start playing! WinSport is thrilled to bring kids a chance to move, challenge themselves, and burn their energy outside, with exciting Mountain Biking and Outdoor Adventure Camps throughout July and August. This summer at
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Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)
Your Kids Can Flip and Fly at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre This Summer!

Planning is tough these days, but the Calgary Gymnastics Centre is making it easy to get your kids jumping, flipping, and playing this summer! With a SAFETY FIRST approach, the Calgary Gymnastics Centre is thrilled to be back offering their Gymnastics Summer Camps again this summer! Weekly full-day, half-day (am
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