Green Fools Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)
Green Fools Programs: Circus Tricks From Juggling to Aerials

Between school and work, kids and errands, we know that family life can be a circus! We say just embrace it, jump in with two feet, and make the most of every season. Introduce your kids to some amazing activities where they will be physically challenged, creatively nurtured, and have
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Edelweiss Preparatory School (Family Fun Calgary)
Edelweiss Preparatory School: A Positive Beginning for Your Child’s Education

New routines, new friends, new challenges — how will your child manage? Heading off to school is an exciting time for families, but it can also feel uncertain and scary, for both kids and parents. How will your family navigate this big step? Edelweiss Preparatory School, in Calgary’s northwest, offers Preschool,
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Natural Way Chiropractic (Family Fun Calgary)
Natural Way Chiropractic: Optimal Family Health for a Life of Family Fun

We get it. Life is filled with moving parts. Families today are juggling everything. Work needs you but your youngest has the sniffles and the dog got out. Someone needs to stop at the grocery store and drop a kid off at the rink and your middle-schooler needs help with
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WinSport Halloween Grim Mini Golf (Family Fun Calgary)
Enjoy Halloween at WinSport: Spooktacular Mini Golf [Plus, Enter to Win!]

Costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, and pumpkin carving: this is where you find classic Halloween fun! But what does Halloween look like for your family this year? Maybe your kids are getting older and they aren’t as interested in heading out to trick-or-treat anymore. (Or maybe they just want candy.) Costume parties
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Pumpkins After Dark (Family Fun Calgary)
Pumpkins After Dark: Family-Friendly Halloween Fun at Canada Olympic Park

Pumpkin carving is a celebrated Halloween tradition, no matter your age! What will you be carving this year? A toothy grin? A black cat? Well, prepare to be inspired to greater heights this fall. Pumpkins After Dark is the pumpkin carving experience you have been waiting for! This ultimate pumpkin
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Trico Centre Fall Fitness (Family Fun Calgary)
Embrace Fall Fitness at Trico Centre for Family Wellness

Fall is coming with its crisp mornings, beautiful foliage, and kids in school. This back-to-school reality often brings a comfortable degree of routine and predictability to family life, and after months of uncertainty, we’re all in! Don’t stop there, though: make this fall about back to fitness for the whole family,
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Jubilations Junior (Family Fun Calgary
Live Theatre, Great Food, and Family Giggles: Jubilations Junior Presents Dinner Theatre Everyone Can Enjoy

Remember going out with your significant other and a group of friends? You could enjoy a nice meal, watch a show, and enjoy some great laughs and conversation. And then you had kids. Now, going out looks more like yawning your way through a kid-friendly movie and eating cold french
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Calgary Girls Choir (Family Fun Calgary)
Hear the Harmony: Sing With the Calgary Girls Choir

Some girls were born to sing. The pandemic may have disrupted routines, but it’s time to sing together again! The Calgary Girls Choir has missed the harmony and the sounds of girls singing in community and maybe this is the year your girl will join the harmony and find her place, developing
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Country Hills Village Shopping Centre (Family Fun Calgary)
Back to School With Country Hills Village Shopping Centre

Appreciate your summer, from bare feet running through the sand to newly-sharpened pencils. Summer is a beautiful opportunity for kids to enjoy a little more freedom than normal, but when do you start feeling those back-to-school vibes? Do you like to get the back-to-school shopping down early or put it
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WestHills Towne Centre Back to School (Family Fun Calgary)
WestHills Towne Centre: Making Back to School Fun!

Summer goes so quickly from beaches, popsicles, and flip flops to pencils, books, and brand-new shoes. Even in the midst of summer excitement, though, eventually, it’s time to start preparing for a new school year. Do you like to get your back-to-school shopping done early or do you put it
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