Spring Break! What is your family doing? Even though kids get a week off school, Mom and Dad might not be so lucky. If you need to do a little juggling with the kids, there are lots of amazing locations in Calgary that put on Spring Break Camps to keep kids busy and well cared for. Your kids will feel like they had a fun holiday, while never leaving town!

Spring Break for the CBE is March 22 – April 1, 2024, and most camps will run March 25 – 28 or 29, 2024. (March 29th is Good Friday.) The CSSD Spring Break begins on Good Friday, and we’ll also note any camps that run from April 1 or 2 to 5, 2024.

Keep checking back, as more camps are being added. And if you’re looking for fun events you can enjoy together, find our Spring Break Event Guide here.

Code Ninjas Spring Break CampsCode Ninjas 130th Ave Winter (Family Fun Calgary)

Do you want to help your child advance in our digital world? Do you have a youth who is passionate about technology? Then you’ll want to know about Code Ninjas! Our kids are growing up digital, and since they’re often naturally drawn to screens anyway, why not make the most of it? Code Ninjas has spring break camps that will capitalize on your child’s love of technology and turn their spring break into an exciting coding adventure.

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Green Fools Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)

Green Fools Theatre Spring Break Camps

It’s almost spring break! But it’s not just a break from sitting in school. It’s an opportunity for kids to experience something new and find a fascinating passion. It’s a chance for your kids to run away and join the circus! Sign your kids up for a circus spring break camp at Green Fools Theatre: they will have fun, challenge themselves, and burn tons of energy. That makes it a fabulous week for you, too!

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Heritage Park Spring Break Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

Heritage Park Spring Break Camp

Do your kids want a time-travelling adventure? It’s almost spring, so it’s time to shake off winter’s chill, enjoy some time off school, and get ready for the season in 1910! Heritage Park has a spring break day camp where kids can learn and play through nature and history. On March 22, 2024, they’ll join with other kids and prepare for a new season in 1910. It will be springtime fun to remember!

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KidStrong Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)KidStrong Spring Break Camps

Healthy, smart, and resilient … does your child have the tools they need? KidStrong Camp is designed to help parents empower their kids to discover their superpowers and become the best they can be. Your kid can be ready for the future, learn how to be a friend, and soar with confidence on the playground and in the classroom. This year, register your child for the KidStrong Spring Break Camp and give them a boost to ‘win at life’!

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Lambert Academy Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Lambert Academy Spring Break Camps

Are your kids drawn to baking and decorating? Do they want to try cooking or do they just love to eat?! What if your kids could develop a fun, practical, and delicious new hobby this spring break? With Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft spring break camps, they can! Plus, you can enjoy a $25 discount when you enroll in the 3-day Minion Sculpted Cake Camp before February 28, 2024. (Use coupon code familyfun and you’re all set!)

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MNP Sport Centre Spring Break CampsMNP Sport Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

What’s the best way to spend spring break? With a chance to play! Spring break is a great time to get out of the classroom and be physically active. But when Mom and Dad don’t have time to take the kids out for fun and fitness, it’s time for spring break camps at MNP Community & Sport Centre! These Multi-Sport Camps offer kids a chance to enjoy action, thrills, and challenging obstacles. It’s time to run, laugh, and play!

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MRU Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

MRU Camps Spring Break Camp

Spring break is a time to play and discover! But when your kids are off school and you still have to work, schedules can be difficult to navigate. So give your kids a week to remember with MRU Camps this spring break! With a choice of camps from April 2 – 5, 2024, high-quality care, and a fun, innovative, and culturally inclusive environment, both you and your kids will love MRU Camps.

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Pumphouse Theatre Spring Break CampPumphouse Theatre Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

By the time March break rolls around, we all need a break! This is the perfect time to build kids up by allowing them to pursue their passions and have some fun. Of course, as parents, we need our kids to be safe, engaged, and well-cared for, too. Thankfully, we can have it both ways! If you have a creative kid, Pumphouse Theatre spring break camp offers a creative outlet for your young artist, with a week of drama fun.

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