Birthdays don’t stop for pandemics. And while traditional birthday parties aren’t in the cards right now, A&D Tutoring’s Virtual Birthday parties make sure that your child has a day as special as they are! A&D Tutoring is well known throughout Edmonton for creating positive and safe learning environments for K-12 students, but they also know how to have a whole lot of FUN — especially when it comes to birthdays!

Is a Minecraft Virtual Birthday Party from A&D Tutoring a good fit for your child?

Here are a few clues:

  • Does your child throw around words like “biome”, “redstone”, “mob” or “enderman”?
  • Are they always talking about the world they’ve created or “mods” they’re making?
  • Do you hear them talking about some guy named “Steve” that you don’t know?

If so, it’s pretty safe to say that you have a child who loves Minecraft. So why not let them celebrate their birthday playing the game they love with their friends?

A&D Tutoring can host up to 20 players in a customized birthday Minecraft world, explore in their RAD World (Roguelike Dunegons modded server) or enjoy a completely random world. They provide Mojang (Minecraft) accounts which will only work for the day of the party.

Does your child have a mod in mind that they’d like to play? Let A&D Tutoring know and they will try to accommodate you! Need help installing Minecraft? They have a guide to walk you through it! A server operator will be online the entire time to ensure the minimum of technical issues as well as to assist the players with any in-game issues they have.

Birthday Planning Pro-tip: Order Minecraft-themed cupcakes from an area bakery and deliver them to each party attendee before the party. Your kiddo will get to play Minecraft, eat cupcakes, and celebrate with his or her friends, even if they can’t be together in person. You can find Minecraft-themed goodie bags at local party stores or free Minecraft-themed printables by searching on Google to take your celebration to the next level.

Online Minecraft Birthday Party at A&D Tutoring:

Cost: $150 / 2 hours (longer parties available)
: 780-444-9349