Camping Near Halifax

Campgrounds HRM
Campgrounds in HRM… OPEN!!

Good news, Halifax… campgrounds in HRM are open! With the official start to summer only weeks away, we are all excited to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and ocean air. With schools not yet on summer holidays, you can still have a great camping getaway without venturing too far
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A Road Trip to Cape Breton Island

We took a road trip to Cape Breton Island, camped in a tent, attended a music festival and re-discovered our love for Celtic music. Ranked as the #1 island in Canada for the past five consecutive years, Cape Breton is rich with heritage and is a delight for history buffs,
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Morning on Kejimkujik Lake Photo Darcy Rhyno
A Wilderness Canoe Trip to Kejimkujik National Park

I ask my adult daughter Isabella several times to join me on a wilderness canoe trip to Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia before she finally agrees. I’m sure her hesitation and lukewarm enthusiasm are signs that I’ve badgered her into it. When we arrive in the park at Jake’s
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A red boler at The Old Ten Spot a unique Nova Scotia Air BnB
Chilling Out at The Old Ten Spot on Nova Scotia’s Zwickers Lake

There are plenty of unusual Air BnBs in Nova Scotia. But The Old Ten Spot on Zwickers Lake in New Albany, Nova Scotia has something special: a private beach, a charming local history – and a  Boler travel trailer, with its own private deck. The Ten Spot, so named because it
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Louisbourg Wake up in the past Photo by Debbie Malaidack
18th Century Camping at the Fortress Louisbourg: An Incredible, Historical Cape Breton Experience from Parks Canada

Would your family enjoy spending the night alone in an 18th Century fortress…with only a single sheet of canvas between you and the elements? How about the freedom to explore the restored town, beach and trails throughout the night, and then again the next morning, before any visitors or staff arrive? With
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Parks Canada Cocoon Tree Bed
Remember Parks Canada’s Cocoon Tree Bed? – A Comfy Camping Bubble Suspended in The Trees Above Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton Island

Parks Canada introduced something new for campers in summer 2016, the unique Cocoon Tree Bed: a comfortable camping bubble suspended high in the trees above Ingonish Beach in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It was the first ever of its kind in Canada. What is a cocoon tree bed? The bubble-shaped
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oTENTIKs at Keji - the sweetest spot at keji?
Could These New oTENTiks be The Sweetest Spot at Keji?

On our second day camping at Keji, it became cold and rainy…. so we just giggled and turned up the heat!Propane heating is just one of the benefits of the new, bigger, better, warmer oTentiks at Kejimikujik National Park and Historic Site. This  group of five oTENTIKs, located at Jim Charles
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