Back in the day (some may call it the olden days), I always remember Halloween being on October 31st. How is it that Halloween has gone from an event that lasted a few hours to one that seems to go on for weeks? Between sports teams, neighbourhood parties, community events, and school activities, Halloween lasts a ‘candy-induced-eternity’.

Does the anticipation of dealing with two weeks of sugar shock turn you into a real-life Halloween Monster? If just the thought of this candy-crazed hootenanny makes your head feel like it might explode, you are not alone! We’ve put together some ideas of ways to ease the pain and ways to use candy for other events throughout the year to keep your little ghouls from getting too ghoulish!

Create Candy Experiments

There’s no doubt about it… candy is awesome! And with all those additives, they create AMAZING science experiments. Make a Skittles rainbow… dance with gummy worms, and the best one of all… make candy disappear! Find these and many more fun experiments in this fantastic list of Halloween Candy Science Experiments from

Decorate Holiday Cookies or a Gingerbread House

Nothing says Christmas quite like Christmas cookies or a gingerbread house! Those mini candy packs will be perfect to decorate your festive treats. You can also get creative with tree ornaments from

Candy Cookies

Mmm… Chocolate

Chocolate can be used for so many wonderful things! Save the plain chocolate bars to crumble over ice cream or frozen yogurt. Add melted chocolate to warm milk for a hot chocolate treat on a cold day. Celebrate New Year’s and other special occasions with a melted chocolate fondue. Possibilities… endless.

Make a Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquets are perfect for every occasion and so fun to make. The kids can get crafty and make a delicious bouquet to surprise their teacher, grandparent, neighbour, or friend. It’s almost as much fun making these as it is giving them out!

Candy Bouquet

Candy Math Manipulatives

You will never see your kids so interested in math as to when you use candy to teach it. Use these sweet treats for adding, subtracting, making graphs, or anything else kids can conceptualize. They will learn math concepts and love the rewards!

DIY Piñata

Does anyone have a birthday coming soon? Everyone loves piñatas at birthday parties and just think of all the great candy that you have to fill it. The kids will love to help with this one. Feeling motivated? you can also make your own piñata from

Family Game Night

Bingo, card games, board games… have a family game night and use candy for game chips. Turn a winter family game night into a party!

Halloween Pumpkins

Freeze for a Rainy Day

Most unopened candy keeps for months in the freezer. The kids will be super excited for Halloween Candy in March!


One last excellent way to manage the sugar that your kids will be consuming on Halloween is to help them out with the calories and eat some of their candy for them. Good luck, parents! Happy Halloween!