Find the best places to toboggan in Saskatoon. A winter family favourite for most families is tobogganing! And Saskatoon has no shortage of fantastic spots to indulge in a wild ride! Why not grab your favourite sled and say a warm welcome to winter at these…

Best Places to Toboggan in Saskatoon

1. Diefenbaker Park/Optimist Hill

Accessible off St. Henry Ave. in Exhibition Area, Diefenbaker Park and Optimist Hill are home to one of the longest tobogganing runs in the city! With the help of some snow brought in, they are open for the season.

2. Pest Hill (AKA G.D. Archibald Park N.)

An inspiring name for this fab tobogganing location in the north of the city! Pest Hill can be accessed on Spadina Cr. south just off the Circle Drive Bridge. Park your car somewhere along Spadina and bring your sled of choice for hours of winter fun!

3. Pierre Radisson Park

Located in Westmount, this is the hill of choice for those located in the west-central part of the city! It is easily accessible from 29th St. W and McMillan Ave. and is ideal for little tobogganers as it is not too steep!

4. Harold Tatler Park

If you’re on Jarvis, Dr., park yourself smack dab in the middle of two fantastic tobogganing hills and make your choice! These hills are a convenient commute for anyone in the south of the city, and manageable sizes for little ones making the trek back to the top.

5. Blackstrap

Fancy a wild ride in the country? Pack your sled, take a drive to Blackstrap, and choose your tobogganing route near what locals refer to as the ‘ski-ruins!’ In years past, Blackstrap was home to a small ski resort, the remnants of which can still be seen at this unique tobogganing location. The hill can be accessed by turning off Highway 11 as indicated at the Blackstrap Provincial Park sign.

6. Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park

If you’re in the east of the city, you will find this gem located just off Acadia Dr. Park up, grab that crazy carpet and hold onto your touque!

7. WJL Harvey Park

Hop on Verbeke Road in Silverwood to find this slippery slope! You’ll be certain to get your thrill-on as you fly down this steep hill on your implement of choice! This hill is centrally located for dwellers in the north end of Saskatoon.

8. William A. Reid Park

Looking for a wicked winter hill on the west-side? Try William A. Reid accessible off Pendygrasse Rd. or Fairmont Dr. No GT, toboggan, or crazy carpet is too wild for this slope! Gear up, bring the family, and relish the wind whipping through your hair!

9. Silverspring Park

Located behind Mother Theresa School on Konihowski Rd, you will find a gem of a hill nestled a way back from the road. This north-east Saskatoon location is ace for little ones as the hill is a manageable size and there is no traffic nearby!

10. Victoria Park

If you’re taking a drive down Spadina Cr. West, park up wherever you fancy along Victoria Park, and grab your sled! This park is extensive so you can choose the slope that best suits your fear factor!

Here are some favourites from our readers:

11. Briarwood

12. Diamond Hill Park Warman

13. Kinsmen Park Martensville

14. Foster Park

15. Brighton

16. Lakeview Park

17. Your own Community

There are so many other hills across the city. Most community parks have them. Explore your own community and the ones surrounding you and decide which park suits you best. We love walking to the one in the park closest to us!

Happy Sledding!