Creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills are only a few skills your ninjas can look forward to at Code Ninjas Summer Camps. Unleash your inner Ninja this summer! This ninja training is no secret. Summer camps are open to kids with all levels of coding experience! Stretch your child’s mind and promote a love for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Your child will be more confident in coding and more. They’ll meet new friends who love the same thing as them and have a blast trying new things. Registration is open now.

If your child has been to summer camp with Code Ninjas in the past, the camp name may be the same but the content isn’t the same from 2023. Ninjas can attend camps and have an entirely different experience while learning new things.

Code Ninjas Summer Camps

Code Ninjas Summer Camps are not strictly about coding. The STEM-related fields are vast and you’ll find summer related to popular coding-related games such as Minecraft and Roblox, or you’ll find camps for your future YouTube star or stop-motion movie director!

The dedicated team of Code Senseis will lead the Camps at Code Ninjas. Sensies guide your ninja-in-training as they work through challenging tasks and collaborate with friends. They encourage your child’s curiosity and make sure your ninja is having fun! They have some amazing and unique options for your children!

Code Ninja Summer Camps

Camps are designed for different ages and you can choose between morning, afternoon, or full-day camps. If you have a Minecraft-loving child, campers will go from experienced to Minecraft Masters or they can join a camp to code a Minecraft robot.! If your Ninja is more interested in making memories and videos, they can become a Youtuber in a camp to learn how to design their unique channel!

If your Ninja is all about Roblox, they can join a camp to learn how to build and explore new worlds. Is there a LEGO and robot fan in your household? They can combine the fun and use LEGO Spike Prime Robotics to design and build their robots.

The camps are endless! They have even more choices from Making Stop Motion to 3D Print Pioneers to Arcade Game Design to Intro to Web Development and so much more. Your kids will get to choose a camp to follow their passion. Even better, the full-day camps offer a combination of two different camp options. Code Ninjas Summer Camps

Code Ninjas Summer Camps

When: Summer 2024
Time: Morning sessions 9 am to 12 pm | Afternoon Sessions 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm | Full Day Camps 9 am to 3:30 pm
Where: 1844 McOrmond Drive #142

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