We have found our newest Easter tradition. I took my son to the Draggins Rod and Custom Car Show over the Easter weekend. At 62 years, the annual Draggins Car Show is the longest running club-operated show in Canada. I feel bad that we have waited so long to take him because he LOVED it. He had something to say about every car we passed.

Gifts for the kids.

My son was sold on the show before he even saw the cars because every kid who entered received a free Hot Wheels toy car. This was truly an event for every age. Many of the booths had candy and treats for the kids as well. Although my son was more interested in the vehicles than he was in treats.


As soon as we walked into the first auditorium, we lost both my son and my dad. My father loves to talk to the car owners and my son wants to see it all. (We didn’t lose the little one for long because he wanted to tell me all about what he was seeing.) He fell in love with every car but had his favourites by the end of our visit. He would stop and comment on vehicle details at every booth. Some of the booths had candy or small gifts for the kids which was a nice treat but my son was much more interested in the cars.

Photo ops

If there’s one thing my son and I love while exploring different expos, it is photo ops. He jumps at the chance to grab some Star Wars merchandise and join the cosplayers. This was the biggest moment for cool photos but we also posed next to all the cool vehicles. We’ll be grateful for these photos to help us remember the amazing time we had.

Sparkle Tattoos

There was a spot to sit down and take a break (there is A LOT of walking) so the kid and I got our first Mom/Son tattoos while the rest of our family had a sit-down. Sparkle Tattoos had a few great ones to choose from and we decided to go that instead of getting his face painted because it would last longer. We choose some cool car tattoos. There was also an area for kids to explore and play – including racing their new Hot Wheels cars.

Draggins Rod and Custom Car Show

Photo by Erin McCrea.

I can’t tell you how long we explored at the Draggins Rod & Custom Show. I was exhausted by the time we left and my son could have kept on going for longer. I’m sure we didn’t see every vehicle there but we had a blast trying and will aim to see even more next year.

Draggins Rod & Custom Car Show

When: Easter weekend, yearly
Where: Prairieland Park
Website: www.draggins.com/home