The sounds of rides whizzing by on tracks, hot tarmac, beloved entertainers at the grandstand, the taste of carnival food, and fireworks EVERY night of the week–it’s all part of the recipe for a perfect week!

What to Expect at the Saskatoon Ex 2022

Saskatoon Ex Grandstand Entertainment

The SaskTel Grandstand is set to host fantastic Exhibition entertainment every night! All shows are FREE with Saskatoon Ex admission.

Special Kids Events

From shows for kids to rides and food, the ex is the perfect place to bring a smile to your kid’s faces.

RIDES, RIDES, RIDES!!! SeeĀ here for a complete list

Here are a few wild rides you can look forward to Cliff hanger, Vertigo, Orbitor, Mega Drop, Ring of Fire, Pharaoh’s Fury and more…

Family Midway (for Tiny Tots)

Bulgy the Whale, Choo Choo Charlie, Chopper Charlie, Harbor Ducks, Free Fall, Mini Jets and more…

Saskatoon Ex Carnival Food

What’s your jam? Spudnuts, cotton candy, fries? Or be truly adventurous with Mac N Cheese Soft Serve or Rainbow Grilled Cheese! Whatever you’re taste buds, there’s no place like the Ex to satisfy that craving for carnival food! Find out more about what else you can enjoy.

Saskatoon Ex

When: August 9-14, 2022
Where: Prairieland Park, 503 Ruth St.

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