Teachers are amazing. We’ve created a Gift Guide for Teachers in Saskatoon. Educators continue to work hard and help children every day. This year, teachers and education assistants have continued to teach our children and make them feel loved. I’ve been grateful to be able to send my son to school knowing that the staff are there to try to help him learn and grow. He’s been grateful to have them in his life as well. Every year, I see people asking for gift ideas for the most wonderful people and I wanted to try and help. I’ve even made sure to ask teachers what they have loved in the past. Show them how much you appreciate them with some of these gift ideas.

Gift Guide for Teachers in Saskatoon

Don’t forget to you can get some ideas from the Summer Fun Bucket List with Saskatoon Summer Events to choose from! Let these amazing teachers enjoy Saskatoon’s wonderful summer.

YXE Smash Therapy Inc. Give Yourself a Break. Speaking from experience, Smash Therapy is a wonderful way to spend an evening. I think after the last few years, it would be the perfect therapy for school staff. YXE Smash Therapy has gift cards!

Coffee cards: The gift of coffee never grows old. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring – coffee cards are full of coffee love! (And they can also grab a tea or other drink just in case they don’t do coffee!)

Wine: I know not all teachers drink but if you know they are okay with it, find them a nice bottle OR a gift certificate to a local liquor store.

Massage certificates: The ultimate self-care and relaxation after a year with your kids!

Wanuskewin Heritage Park: Give them the gift of activity. This is a good one for teachers to share with their families. Grab some certificates to this beautiful place!

Wet Paint Pottery: Let your kid’s teachers get crafty (without the kids)! Wet Paint Pottery offers fun evenings and the opportunity to be very creative!

Saskatoon GreenhousesPlants are a great way to thank the teachers for helping your children grow. Some of them also have plant classes for more creative fun!

Delicious Food: May I suggest a gift certificate for the Best Hamburgers in Saskatoonthe best Saskatoon Ice Cream Shops, or Saskatoon’s Best Doughnuts. It’ll be perfect for your teacher with friends or family.

Books Books Books: In my personal opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with books. Grab them a gift certificate from a book store and they’ll have entertainment for summer!

Fun School Supplies: Pens, notebooks, staplers – bonus if they are personalized! There are a lot of local places in Saskatoon that can personalize items for you.

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo: It doesn’t matter what age you are, a trip to the zoo is a fun day out! Teachers can bring their family or take a stroll without them!

Hanging objects: If you buy something that can be hung in the classroom, it saves room! (Even kid’s art in a nice frame!)

Hand-Made Cards: A hand-made card with a personal message from you and your child, might just be perfect. Take the time to let these teachers know how much you appreciate them.

Hand-made Gifts: Take a browse on Pinterest and find a perfect gift to make with your little one! Be as creative as you’d like. (And if you’re anything like me, add in some teacher puns: “Can we TACO bout what an amazing teacher you are?” A friend told me she got a hand-sewn tote bag and loved it. Home-made treats are also a sweet idea.

Punch Buggy Express in Saskatoon – Powered By Kids: Brand new to Saskatoon, your teacher can explore downtown Saskatoon with a younger family to help drive! It will be a fun and very unique experience!

Charities: One friend said her favourite gift was when people donated to the charities she supported.

The Hobnobber This is an amazing store with a lot of teacher appreciation ideas made by Saskatchewan vendors. Find them at 417 33rd Street West.

Solar Gardens at Avalon and Lawson Heights Mall will have lots of great ideas for teachers. They’ve got EVERYTHING from plants to candy. Find them at #2-2605 Broadway Avenue or in the Mall at Lawson Heights.

Joyne Collective Marketplace

Joyne is a space for creative small businesses. It’s also a great place to find the perfect and unique gift for teachers. Find them at 249 2nd Avenue South.

Those Girls at the Market

Check out the chocolates from Those Girls at the Market. They are now located at 332 20th Street West. Chocolate will save the day!

The Shoppe

If the teachers love sweet treats, check out The Shoppe. Find them at 490 2 Ave S #112, Saskatoon.

Harden & Huyse Chocolates

They have delightful chocolate options for everyone. Find them at 718 2nd Avenue North.

Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen ParkThis is another family-oriented one! Give your teacher a gift she can enjoy with her family. The train, Ferris wheel and carousel are perfect summer activities.

RiverRaine TimelessCreations has beautiful and unique boxes for teachers! You can have a teacher-themed box.

Saskatoon has so many fantastic options for gifts. I hope this gives you a start to finding the perfect way to show your teachers how much they mean to you and your children. Enjoy these last couple of weeks of school and thank a teacher for all the work they do.