Your energetic kids will love sinking their toes into musical theatre, dance and drama this fall. SaskExpress Studio classes have a variety of options for all ages. They’ll have a chance to make new friends, express themselves through music and drama and have a season of fun. SaskExpress Studio Saskatoon offers both competitive and non-competitive programming. All classes are taught by a team of dedicated instructors who love sharing their passion for the performing arts with kids. Students will feel confident and pride in their lessons.

Fall Classes Offered

Recreational Programs are from preschool to adult. These are fun programs that allow students to create and enjoy learning new things as well as perform in our year-end recitals.

Competitive (Dance and Musical Theatre) Programs will have students work on the technical foundations of dance and teamwork and perform in 2-3 competitive events as well as our year-end recitals.

Performance Programs allow students the fun as well as the chance to perform either scripts, one-act plays, and/or full musicals for an audience. Year-long and sessional class options are available. They will find the fun in performing live and learn about teamwork, creativity and communication.

Saskatoon Classes:

Musical Theatre – This is the ultimate triple threat class combining character with voice and dance training. Students will delight in learning about all of it with vocal coaches, choreographers, and acting coaches.
Ballet – Students will focus on dance technique and development through barre work, technique and exercise.
Jazz – This fun class is perfect for your high-energy kids of all ages. It focuses on jazz technique, improving flexibility, and terminology.
Drama – The drama programs are perfect for your child with a love of acting. This includes musical theatre productions and dramatic arts training. They’ve got everything from improv to specific pieces. Sessional and year-long classes are available.
Hip Hop – Find your groove and learn the technique and varying styles of hip-hop in these exciting classes.
Lyrical – This class will help your child learn about storytelling through lyrical movement with an emphasis on jazz and ballet technique.
Acrobatic Arts – Using the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, students will learn how to integrate dance with acrobatic skills while building strength and increasing flexibility and balance.
Contemporary – This dance class will combine different dance genres and allow students to learn an expressive dance style with the emphasis on the connection between mind and body through fluid movement.
Tap – Students will tap their way through this great class and have fun while learning techniques and terminology using the CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association) syllabus.
Voice – This popular class will focus on vocal techniques.

Class Levels

Creative Tots: 3 – 4 years old

Creative Kids: 4 – 5 years old

Novice: 6 – 8 years old

Junior: 9 – 11 years old

Intermediate: 12 – 14 years old

Senior: 15 – 18 years old

SaskExpress Studio Classes

When: Fall 2023
Address: Bay 40 -368 Edson Street, Saskatoon
Phone: (306)477.5553