Do you have a little one who loves performing, even at a young age? Saskatoon has a fabulous preschool that will allow them to express themselves! SaskExpress Studio – Saskatoon is home to Spark: Performing Arts Preschool! This program is one-of-a-kind in Saskatoon and is currently taking registrations. They teach the arts and then use the arts to teach. If your little one is already a performer, Spark Preschool will be the perfect fit.

Your kids will meet friends and have fun with other creative children with similar interests and they’ll have a chance to spend their day doing something they love – singing, dancing, acting and learning! Students will learn to be creative, compassionate, and confident. Classes are taught by a teacher with a Bachelor of Education. The program is an excellent supplement to Kindergarten education. Students can continue their learning and be part of the program on the days they aren’t at Kindergarten.

SPARK allows families to keep their evenings and weekends for family time. Students receive their dance lessons within the preschool so they no longer need to take evening and weekend extracurricular classes.


SaskExpress Studio – Saskatoon Spark Preschool will be offering two amazing preschool programs.

3 -5-Year-Old Program
Tuesdays & Thursdays
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
$160.00 / Month + a one-time $75.00 Material Fee

A-B-C Approach to Learning

Arts education is a fun and engaging segue into a lifelong love of learning. SaskExpress Studio – Saskatoon will spark creativity in your child’s life-long learning journey.

An art-based curriculum will include:

Circle Time: Students will focus on calendar activities, weather and numeracy activities.

Visual Arts: Your children will enjoy daily arts and crafts.

Centers and Free Time: Each day, children are given time to explore, experiment and observe.

Drama: The drama component will build confidence through fun.

Dance: Dance develops large motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, fitness, balance and self-expression.

Music: Children will learn a variety of styles and musical expressions.

SaskExpress Studio – Saskatoon Spark Preschool

When: 2023-2024
Where: SaskExpress Studio – Saskatoon, 40-368 Edson Street
Contact: Michelle Garrecht at