Valentine’s Crafts and Activities became a way of life when my kiddo was a toddler. It’s the day of love. In my house, Valentine’s Day is celebrating all the love in the world. I have spent the week doing crafts with my son and helping him make things for his friends. If you’re looking for something to do with your little wee loves this Valentine’s Day, these are a few of the activities we’ve done.

Heart Wreath

valentine's crafts

This one was easy. We both cut out the hearts (although I did most). All he had to do was glue the hearts on. I cut out a wreath shape from a box. It was the perfect first craft of Valentine’s season, and he really enjoyed it.

Love Bug

This is a great one for a few reasons. It helps them practice their letters and create an amazing love bug. We made one for his best friend and one to hang on his door. We just used all the materials in my house. Usually, I bring up crafting options for us, and he decides how he wants to create them.

Love Robot

This Valentine’s Day we were able to combine two of our favourite things: robots and love! My son made a Love Robot named Lucky.

Love You to Pieces

photo by erin

This one can also be done with pieces of paper in a heart. I had my son paint the puzzle pieces, and I super glued them to the wood piece and used a wood burner for the words. He didn’t do as much on this one, but it made for a wonderful Valentine’s decoration for us.

DIY Cookie Kits for Valentine’s Day

We decorated cookies. These ones came from Honeybun Cafe. It’s a really fun and delicious activity to do with your little Valentine.

Skittle Hearts

For the first time, we did the Skittles experiment. To make it into a love day activity, we were sure to shape the skittles into a heart. He really enjoyed watching the colours! He also loved eating the skittles after.

Valentine’s Photoshoot

Every year since my son was born, I’ve set up an area for Valentine’s photos. He may be very embarrassed about this when he gets older, but it will be okay because I’ll still be making him pose for the photos. It’s a super easy setup, and I usually purchase the decorations we use from Dollarama. It’s always a fun day for both of us, and it will be great to look at when he’s older. I always have these photos to remind me of my littlest Valentine.

Hearts on the Door

I’ve done this for a few years. I add a new heart to the door of my son’s room every day until Valentine’s Day. I try to tell him every day why I love him, but this is an extra fun way to do it. I’ve cut my own hearts before but this year I got some from Dollorama.

I was never a Valentine’s Day person in the past. I am now. My son has brought out the Love Bug in me. I want everybody I love to know how important they are on this day. I especially want my little boy to know that he’s the most special Valentine of all.

Happy Valentine’s to you from the Family Fun family. If you have time, try out one of these Valentine’s crafts and activities with your teeny tiny Valentines.

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