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Did you know that cheerleading is on it’s way to becoming an Olympic sport? The IOC (International Olympic Committee) granted the sport provisional status for the 2020 games. If all goes well, the physically impressed and athletically challenging sport could be competing in the 2024 games! And why does this matter? Well if your child has an interest – even the faintest glimmer of curiosity – about cheerleading or tumbling, you should get them enrolled now. As soon as the sport becomes part of the Olympics, and people start seeing how truly awesome, fun, and energetic this sport is, you know all available lessons will be grabbed up like hot cakes!

Absolute Cheer & Tumbling

Now if you are like me and know very little about the sport of cheering and tumbling, finding a training facility may seem overwhelming. Let me introduce you to Absolute Cheer & Tumbling in North Vancouver. Absolute Cheer & Tumbling provides their athletes with the most comprehensive training possible. Through their dedication to competitive cheerleading Absolute Cheer & Tumbling promotes healthy, safe and active lifestyles for athletes of all ages. The staff is dedicated to developing the whole athlete; teaching and enabling life skills through cheerleading and gymnastics. Parents are going to love AC’s promotion of family values, sportsmanship, collaboration, dedication, self-confidence, honesty and leadership.

Every year I give my boys a lesson / class as one of their Christmas gifts. Giving the gift of an experience is something that never gets old. Whether the child discovers a life-long passion or not, receiving a gift that introduces them to new skills and new experiences is never a bad thing. The Winter Program at Absolute Cheer & Tumbling runs from January 6th – March 17th.

Absolute Cheer & TumblingFor the Cheerleading Program, Absolute Cheer & Tumbling offers three options:

Pre-Competitive/Half-Year: Perfect for beginners who want less commitment and more fun! Families who have busy schedules will value this program; 3 month term, once per week practices, plus a fun, local, competition!

Competitive/Elite: Absolute boasts an impressive staff who use safe, supportive, and passionate coaching techniques designed to help athletes thrive in all competitive arenas. Absolute is a top tier program in BC and has excellent recognition internationally! They have teams for every level from beginner to elite.

Individual Performance Program: Perfect for athletes who have their sights set on: competing as an individual, mastering and gaining new gymnastics skills at an advanced pace, or improving in dance!

For families interested in tumbling, the selection offered by Absolute is expansive:

All gymnastics classes include a warm-up/flexibility component, across the floor work, tumbling stations on certified equipment and end with conditioning. Classes are available in 60 and 90 minute formats & are offered by age and skill.

Basic FUNdamentals: This class will teach your child the basic building blocks of gymnastics with a focus on quality and fun. This class does not require any previous knowledge. Skills taught: Forward/backward rolls, Cartwheels, backbends (bridge) as well as strength building, coordination and body awareness.

Advanced FUNdamentals: This class requires children to have previously mastered (in a gymnastics setting) the following skills prior to registering: Cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll down a slope, bridge (backbend) on the floor. Skills taught: roundoffs, front and back walkovers, getting comfortable jumping and falling backwards.

Handsprings: This class is catered to working on front and back handsprings, from a running or standing entry, as well as step-outs and other intermediate connected passes

Acro Gymnastics: This class is catered to dancers, acrobats and gymnasts who want to learn acro lifts, aerial cartwheels, side semis, axel spins and more!

Parkour: This class is catered to kids of ALL AGES who will learn the essentials needed to begin parkour. Jump, land, roll, vault, and flip over equipment in a safe environment! No experience required!

Tucks/Layouts: In this class athletes will work on front tucks, standing backs tucks or back-tuck and layouts from a roundoff or handspring entry. Along with connected elite tumbling passes

World’s Calibre: Perfect for athletes who want to earn a spot, or are currently training on a World’s team! Skills include: maintenance of super advanced skills and learning how to improve: standing fulls, standing handsprings to full, arabians and running fulls/doubles

Absolute Cheer & Tumbling:

Dates: January 6 – March 17, 2019
Address: 758 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver
Website: www.absolutecheerandtumbling.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ACgym

Absolute Cheer & Tumbling

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