Over spring break my in laws were in town and we were looking for something special to do with the kids. While having dinner on Granville Island my kids, once again, asked to go out on the water taxis, something they beg for Every. Single. Time. Sadly I had to say no, because we just didn’t have time but made a promise to come back in a few days.

So on a sunny Tuesday afternoon we again ventured to the island, which is consistently a favourite for all the Family Fun Vancouver kids as witnessed here, here and here!

Since I had been saying no for so long, I said yes with a vengeance and we took the full meal deal; the 40 minute tour of False Creek. To help offset the cost, we used a coupon from the Vancouver City Passport which is a wonderful way to save some money on local attractions! They also have a free admission for the Vancouver Lookout, 2 for 1 admission to attractions such as the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, discounts on meals, and lots of other great ways to save while enjoying everything Vancouver has to offer. Their new edition comes out soon, so definitely check it out!

Vancouver Attraction Passport

The kids were vibrating with excitement as we waited on the dock for our little boat to pull in. They were thrilled to bits to get a seat right at the bow where they had the best view. And for about 25 minutes they were very excited about being on the water. But then, well, they started getting hungry and I hadn’t packed snacks. They loved heading out towards the bay and seeing the Space Centre from a different perspective, were excited to travel under the bridges, and awed how large BC Place is from our creek side vantage point but by the time we started chugging back to Granville Island, they were ready to get off the boat. A quick gelato later and all was tickety boo again.

So lessons learned? Do the 25 minute tour (which is perfect for little ones) and never forget to pack snacks and drinks! Regardless we all had fun on the water and enjoyed seeing beautiful Vancouver from another perspective. Next time you are at Granville Island, try something a little different and give the water taxis a whirl!