Happy students are those who feel confident and encouraged in their learning, and at Aspire Learning Academy, that’s just what students will receive. Aspire Learning Academy offers enriching classes for students that build their skills through private tutoring, group classes, and specialty camps that get children excited to learn. Students who connect with experienced and knowledgeable instructors are more likely to increase their skills and be able to transfer the skills learned into their school academics. In fact, Aspire Learning Academy is the only Singapore Math Learning Centre on the North Shore! If you aren’t familiar with Singapore Math, it is a style of teaching mathematics that teaches a deep mastery of concepts through multi-faceted problem-solving. Students are encouraged to think mathematically, not just memorize formulas and concepts.  Whether your child is looking for assistance in a subject or wants to try out a specialty camp, Spring Break Camps at Aspire Learning Academy are sure to be a hit!

Mathematics Camps:

At Aspire Learning Academy, there are fun and educational Math Camps for all ages and interests!

Spring Break Math Essentials (grade 4-6)

Experience math like never before with hands-on games, projects, experiments and other fun activities. This camp is designed to boost your child’s confidence, build logic and computational skills, all while having a great time! Learn from experienced instructors in small classes.

Dates: March 13-17 & March 20-24, 2023
Times: 1:00pm-3:30pm

Math and Engineering with LEGO (grades 1-3)

Lego can be both fun AND educational! Through collaboration with their peers, students will dive into the world of engineering and learn how to solve compelling daily challenges. From developing blueprints to thinking creatively, students will build complex and intricate Lego creations using the principles of mathematics. Additionally, students will learn and understand how simple machines, such as gears, wheels and levers move and can be used in their designs.

Dates: March 13-17 & March 20-24, 2023
Times: 9:30am-12:00pm

Literacy Camps:

Increasing literacy skills is more fun when done in a group! At Aspire Learning Academy, Literacy Camps offer specialized lessons in Reading and Writing.

Reading and Writing Galore (grades 1-3)

It’s a reading and writing bonanza! Through hands-on activities, students will complete reading and writing activities based on daily themes. They will learn proper structure, vocabulary, grammar, and critical/creative thinking skills through the various writing structures.

Date: March 13-17 &March 20-24
Time: 1:00-3:30pm

Aspiring Young Writers (grade 4-6)

Do you have an aspiring writer at home? Does your child dream of completing their first novel? If so, this is the camp for them! Jumpstart their creativity through this writing camp, where students will learn to develop and hone their own unique voice as they express themselves through different modes of writing. From narratives to poetry, non-fiction to scripts, students will explore a breadth of structures and genres that is sure to inspire their inner writer.

Date: March 13-17 & March 20-24, 2023
Time: 9:30am-12:00pm

Spring Breaks Camps fill up quickly. Register online today.

Aspire Learning Academy Spring Break Camps

Dates: March 13-17 & March 20-24, 2023
Times: 9:30am-12:00pm & 1:00-3:30pm
Address: 2428 Haywood Avenue, West Vancouver