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Sarah is a teacher and mother of two who is always looking for the next adventure. When she’s not chasing her small children around at a park, you can find her on a beach, perusing a craft fair, at a festival, or learning to play golf. Sarah holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Education and Arts. Joining Family Fun fulfils a lifelong dream of being both a teacher and a writer. She is passionate about connecting with the community and exploring new places locally and internationally.


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1000 Hours Outside Challenge: But What If I Fail?

Posted on: January 26, 2023

I’m not sure what inspired me to take the plunge and publicly declare that my family was taking on this challenge with our kids for 2023. Maybe it was the result of post-holiday cabin fever, or maybe it was because deep down I know that being outside is best for
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Your Next Adventure: Port Moody

Posted on: January 6, 2023

I love exploring new areas and planning fun days for my family, but I hate planning an event too far ahead of time. I just never know when my kids are going to get sick, or when we will all wake up exhausted and want a relaxing day around home.
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