When was the last time you took your bike on a pump track? I’m going to bet it was a while ago! But pump tracks are for more than just those who have a need for speed and thrill– they are excellent ways to teach and practice skills. Balance, speed, problem-solving, and persistence are all needed when navigating a pump track, but the best thing is that they can be accessed by all levels and abilities because pump tracks allow for flexibility and choice. While they are often continuous tracks, there are plenty of ways to adjust to your level.

Okay, so what IS a pump track exactly and how does it differ from a regular bike path? According to Parkitech, the main features include rollers and berms and encourage riders to use their body weight and momentum to keep going rather than having to pedal all the time. Pump tracks can look intimidating if they are packed full of kids (and adults!), but there are plenty of awesome spots on the list below that are less busy if your child is just starting out. Strap on your helmet and away you go!


Mountain Air Bike Skills Park

Address: 1149 Westwood Street, Coquitlam


Chilliwack Pump Track

This pump track is the longest track of its kind at 300 metres long! The surface of this track is asphalt with turf around the sides for those who need a soft(er) landing as they are increasing their risk-taking!

Address: 9145 Corbould Street, Chilliwack


Glen Park

Situated just off Westwood Street, this pump track is great for beginners. As a bonus, it is rarely used so it’s a perfect place for new riders to practice.

Address: 1149 Westwood Street, Coquitlam


Penzer Pump Track

There’s plenty of fun for high-energy daredevils at the Penzer Pump Track! Not only is there a great paved area for bikes, skateboards and scooters, but there is also a Parkour Park and other amenities that guarantee your kids will burn all that weekend energy! Check out our article here.

Address: 4847 200 Street, Langley
Website: langleycity.ca

North Vancouver

Inter River Park

Hold onto your handlebars for this fun pump track! Existing alongside a former BMX bike park, the new track, opened in 2019, features a space for both experienced riders and beginners.

Address: 1299 Premier Street, North Vancouver

Moodyville Park

This paved track looks seriously fun! There are plenty of bumps and dips for all levels to test their skills on, plus it’s right next to a great playground so you can hop over to the park when your kid needs a bike break.

Address: 759 E. 3rd Street, North Vancouver


Railway Granville Bike Park and Paved Path

A pump track that has something for everyone! This track has beginner, intermediate and advanced ride lines, several ladder bridges and other technical obstacles.

Address: 500 Granville Avenue, Richmond


Empire Fields Pump Track

These dirt pump tracks are a great place for new riders! With smaller hills and dips, those who are new or nervous don’t have to worry about giant features to contend with. Late afternoons can get busy, so get there early if you want some solo practice time.

Address: Bridgeway Street, Vancouver

Vanier Bike Park

Do you have a need for speed? If so, this pump track is for you! The original dirt track was constructed in 2010, and has had numerous upgrades and additions since then.

Address: located in Vanier Park (1000 Chestnut Street, Vancouver)
Website: www.trailforks.com

Did we miss your favourite pump track? Comment below or email us at vancouver@familyfuncanada.com and we’ll add it to the list!