The Queen’s Gambit was the Canadian binge-favourite of the Fall. How many parents stayed up way too late watching the series and rooting for Beth in her pursuit to become the world’s greatest chess player? Thanks to the Queen’s Gambit, the game of chess has skyrocketed in popularity. If The Queen’s Gambit hasn’t hooked you, maybe you remember the terrifying Wizard Chess game in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The life-sized, hair-raising game captured the imagination of young readers and introduced many to this 1000+ year old game.

So, hands up if you have a rough idea of the game. You know the “horse” piece moves in L or 7 shapes. You vaguely remember the little guys at the front can only attack on the diagonal. You always mix up which piece is the King and which is the Queen. Well now is the time to dust off your family’s dodgy chess knowledge and actually hone some skills!

The Chess Institute of Canada is providing online weekly lessons for all ages and levels. If you are home-schooling the kids, consider their daytime classes. If your kids are in school, the Chess Institute has both weeknight and weekend classes.

Taught in an interactive, small group setting, the Chess Institute of Canada ensures that all players meet with success and have a better grasp of the rules of chess over the course of the weekly classes.

For hundreds of years, chess has been an enjoyable game played amongst friends and families. It is only recently that chess, as an educational tool, has been explored. Chess teaches formal logic, geometry, problem-solving, adaptability, and cognitive stamina. Learning to be able to “think on your feet” and react, in a timely manner, to a changing and evolving environment are skills useful in all areas of life, not just in the game of chess.

Beyond spatial thinking and sportsmanship, CIC chess programs change the way players think about themselves, the situations they’re in, and the choices that lie ahead – while they are engaged and inspired by everything this mental martial art has to offer.

So many board games played by families focus on luck. With chess, it’s not about luck. It’s about training, strategy, competence, patience, and conscious choices.

Whether your child is just beginning, or already feels well versed in the game of chess, the classes offered by The Chess Institute of Canada will further develop their skills and heighten their interest and passion for this centuries’ old game. You can view the Chess Institute’s virtual class offerings here.

Chess Institute of Canada:

Phone: 647-852-2428