Please note changes have been made at Cultus Lake Adventure Park due to COVID. You can familiarize yourself with the new procedures here.

Roller coasters, mini golf, bumper boats – Cultus Lake Adventure Park packs in the fun! Talk about a whimsical, family-friendly, utterly charming place to spend an afternoon. The footprint of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park may not be large but the design is ingenious. By selecting rides that turn and curve visitors get to enjoy a surprising number of varied rides.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Photo credit: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Last year Cultus Lake Adventure Park unveiled a new ride called the Cloud Buster. Did you try it? It sure isn’t for the faint of heart. I managed to talk my boys out of trying it last year (because I’m a big chicken). I am under no illusions that my persuasive arguments are going to get me out of the ride this year. My youngest is a thrill seeker and this ride is guaranteed to deliver!

A visit to the Cultus Lake Adventure Park is always a summertime highlight with our boys. Without a doubt the Bucky’s Bumper Boats are their ultimate favourite, and regardless of the weather, the boys never want to leave. I have to say that the bumper boats offer an oasis of cool on a hot Chilliwack day. Word of warning: adults are the most desirable target for any kid in a bumper boat. If you don’t want to get wet, don’t get in a boat! And don’t stand too close to the sides because, if your kids are anything like mine, they will drive over to you and gleefully squirt you until you dance away squawking at them to “cut it out”.

Here’s a complete list of the family-fun rides & attractions at Cultus Lake Adventure Park:

Balloon Adventure: the ride rises above the Adventure Park and spins. Each individual balloon basket gets to decide how fast it spins.
Blastin’ Barrels: a mini roller coaster that travels in figure eight. The individual barrels spin while they race around the course.
Buckin’ Bronco: get on a horse, spin in circles, and fly up and down on a u-shaped track. It’s all sorts of horsey fun.
Bucky’s Bumper Boats: get ready to get wet! Steer your boat around a lagoon while trying to soak your fellow boaters.
Carousel: everyone loves a merry-go-round, especially one that has fantastical creatures such as dragons and elephants in addition to horses.
Cloud Buster: soar high into the air and then plunge to the ground. Guaranteed to have you leave your stomach in the sky. This ride is definitely for the dare-devils.
Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf: 18-hole mini golf full of entertaining holes with tunnels, shoots, and slots.
Ribbit: up on the boardwalk this ride travels in a circle & up and down. The frogs make a delightful ribbit sound as they jump.
Round-Up 360: if you love to swing, you’ll love this ride that sees you go upside down in a full circle. (I wasn’t brave enough to try).
Runaway Mine Train: ride a roller coaster over many of the rides at Cultus Lake Adventure Park. Enjoy 2 laps around the track before disembarking.
Wagon Wheel: an old-school Ferris wheel done up to match the charming country-feel of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.
Wave Swinger: climb into your swing, and sail high into the air above the bumper boats.
Wilderness Trail: scramble over wooden wobbly bridges, climb a rope ladder, scoot through tunnels, this ride is all physical activity.
Windmill Drop: leave your stomach in the sky as you bounce and drop your way from 60ft in the air.

A great feature of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park is that you can customize your day. There is no fee to get in. You can either purchase an all-day ride pass or purchase a set number of tokens and ride until you use up your tokens. Your all-day pass gets you 10 hours of fun. But if you are visiting the Cultus Lake Water Park and just want to take in a few rides, the token option is a perfect solution. Friends of ours were camping at Cultus Lake, they purchased the all-day ride pass. It allowed them to enjoy a bunch of rides in the early afternoon, head back to the campground for dinner, and then finish the day off with rides through until bedtime.

Load the kids in the car, pack a lunch (or buy food on site), and get ready to enjoy a day of laughter and magical childhood fun at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park:

When: June 24 – September 6, 2021
Time: 11am – 6:30pm (please check website for extended hours)
Address: 3993 Sunnyside Blvd, Cultus Lake
Phone: (604) 858-8777

Cultus Lake Adventure Park