LEGO® fans, rejoice! The Museum of Surrey is the place to be for your fix of all things LEGO with the newest exhibit “Everything is Still Awesome.

In partnership with the Vancouver Community for Adult Fans of LEGO® (VLC), the Museum of Surrey celebrates 20 years of LEGO® exhibits! Brick by brick, LEGO has revolutionized the toy industry and become a beloved part of our collective memories of childhood as numerous children have huge tubs of LEGO® in their playrooms. For some, receiving LEGO® as a child was the starting point of a life-long journey to become a building master and many adults still find enjoyment in the complex and sophisticated structures available to create.

Museum of Surrey "Everything is Still Awesome" exhibit

The Museum of Surrey’s exhibit is entitled “Nostalgia” and looks back on the past 20 years of LEGO® exhibits with a collection of photos and some actual recreations from prior exhibits. Visitors, young and old, will delight in the giant LEGO® world map complete with a climb-inside viewing bubble to experience the beauty of the bricks from an alternate point of view. Castles complete with towering spires, draw-bridges and impressive architecture will wow as visitors marvel at the skill involved in building these representations out of thousands of little bricks, and space-themed LEGO® builds will inspire visitors to ‘shoot for the moon’ in their own LEGO® pursuits.

Everything is Still Awesome at Museum of Surrey

“Everything is Still Awesome” will showcase a timeline display with actual LEGO® builds and address the nostalgia of how LEGO® bricks and kits have changed over the last 30-40 years to ensure they stay current and resonate with every generation of LEGO® fan.  As you explore the exhibit, make sure to check out the interactive green screen video where you can see yourself inside a creation. Feeling inspired by the impressive displays? LEGO® fans of all ages are invited to create their own masterpiece at the building station and check out the creations of other children who competed in the LEGO® Build Contest.

Admission to the Museum of Surrey is FREE and includes your entrance into the “Everything is Still Awesome” exhibit.

Everything is Still Awesome:

When: October 17, 2023- March 31, 2024
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
Location: Museum of Surrey
Address: 17710 56a Ave., Surrey