We all know how to stay healthy. But even though we know how to eat well, exercise, and have a positive mental mindset, sometimes we need a little direction for our brain health and soul resilience. Just as importantly, sometimes our kids need to learn these crucial skills. But there’s help! This summer, your child or youth can attend Grit summer camps, to dig deep, stay strong, and conquer their challenges!

Grit runs workshops, classes, and camps to help people face whatever life throws at them. Meditation is the cornerstone in their “heart-led + science-based approach.” With mental health issues on the rise, especially amongst our kids and teens, it’s time to take action. We have become so fully immersed in technology that we often suffer from a lack of human connection and we have lost touch with who we are and what we need.​ Grit shows people how strong they are. They use meditation to show how strong our spirits are, crafts to show how strong our creativity is, and mindful activities to teach us the power of being present. Plus, they aren’t afraid to talk about real-life topics.

Summer Camps

Grit summer camps are back over select weeks in July and August, so children and youth can reap the benefits of a more mindful life. Kids will move their bodies, get creative, and dive into meditation. These camps are so convenient for the family schedule, too, as you can join Grit for a whole session, or just a daily drop-in!

Grit Summer Camps (Family Fun Vancouver)

Mini Grit (7 – 9 years)
July 4 – 7, 2023 | 1 – 4 pm

We are back this Summer with another super fun Mini-Grit week! We’ll be making friends, crafting creativity, and learning about mindfulness because we know our brains get busy. Join us at Shift for a week of play-based creativity as we talk about emotions, kindness, and being a good friend (especially to ourselves!).

Move/Make/Meditate (10 – 13 years)
August 8 – 11, 2023 | 9:30 am – 3 pm

This summer, let’s MOVE our bodies, MAKE awesome crafts, and learn to MEDITATE so our brains feel calm and healthy! Our week together will feature a photo shoot that you self-direct, a daily yoga practice, mindful activities to keep your brain shiny, and a 4-day craft project to keep your creativity flowing. Let’s blast boredom away, make a circle of new friends, and explore the amazing ways your brain can keep you feeling like yourself.

Teen Grit (12 – 14 years)
July 27 – 28, 2023 | 9:30 am – 3 pm

Need a brain boost? Feeling all the feelings? Need some tools to help deal with the hard stuff? Want to feel connected to a group other than the usual folks? Join us for 2-days of Grit. We’ll talk about brains, identity, and friends. Let’s get our hands messy creating things. We’d love to have you here. 

Back to school Grit (7 – 12 years)
August 28 – September 1, 2023 | 7 – 9 years: 10 am – 12 pm; 10 – 12 years: 1 – 3 pm

We’re back at Shift this Summer to prep you for the new year! We’ll chat about making new friends, emotionally regulating, and being our authentic selves through all the tricky times the school year throws at us. Through movement, creativity, and meditation, this week will start you on the right track of feeling ready to take this new year on with kindness and strength.

How can you support your child’s well-being? Check out one of the Grit summer camps and give your kids the tools to face anything.

Grit Summer Camps:

When: Select weeks, July and August 2023
Where: Shift Dance Academy
Address: 1172 14th St W, North Vancouver, BC
Website: www.gritmeditation.ca

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