Rocky Point Pool

I love outdoor pools.

There is just something about being in the cool blue water on a hot summer day; the blazing sunshine, the scent of sunscreen, the delighted squeals of kids young and old….

But it’s been years since I’ve had a chance to go to an outdoor pool and I have only taken my children once! ONCE! Yikes! This is somewhat of a sacrilege for a girl who spent most of the summer in my local outdoor pool as a child but in reality the last 3 years in Calgary (where I am originally from) the summers were cooler than normal.

So this year I fixed that. I signed my kids up for swimming lessons in an outdoor pool and now after their lessons, we spend some time together in the pool practicing their skills. Win-win I’d say.

Rocky Point Outdoor pool has a large length pool, attached diving tank with one diving board, and a smaller separate wading pool for toddlers up to age 3. The toddler pool is in a grassy area separated from the rest of the pool deck with a chain link fence/gate so you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting away from you into the big pool. This pool gets plenty of sun; a small grassy picnic area has the only tree in the pool area. There is lots of room on the pool deck for lounges and chairs and there are 5 tables but only 3 umbrellas which do not provide adequate shade in my opinion. The change rooms are small and there are no lockers provided although there are many cubbies for shoes and small items. There is no concession but it is conveniently close to an ice cream shop. Dangerously close… 🙂

The pool is located in the spectacular Rocky Point Park which also has a great playground, Spray Park, dock access to the Burrard Inlet, Skateboard Park, and walking paths. The Port Moody Station Museum  is around the corner, and if you get hungry, Pajo’s Fish & Chips is right there. Want a sweet treat? The aforementioned and dangerous Rocky Point Ice Cream is next to the pool and if you’re feeling fancy, the Boathouse has a gorgeous view of the water.