Please note: this article was written in June 2017. The playground has been completed but Family Fun Vancouver hasn’t had a chance to make a return visit. The article will remain as originally written until Family Fun Vancouver makes a return visit.

Woohoo, we discovered a BRAND NEW playground! Sapperton Park in New Westminster opened their new Adventure Park in the summer of 2017 and kids are literally squealing with glee as they arrive at the park.

Climbing structures at Sapperton Park Adventure Park - Lindsay Follett

Photo credit: Lindsay Follett

The park is divided into three zones all of which encourage nature play and adventure active play. There are two very large and spacious “playgrounds”: one for little kids and one for big kids. The bigger kid playground will happily keep kids aged 5+ happy. Seriously! The physical challenges of the big kid playground will work for any age, teenagers included! The little kid playground is great for kids aged 5 and under, or for slightly older kids who are a bit intimidated by the size of the bigger playground. Both of the playgrounds are covered in a thick layer of wood chips ensuring that any falls will encounter a soft landing.

Water Park at Sapperton Park - Lindsay Follett

Photo credit: Lindsay Follett

The 3rd section of Sapperton Park is the water / spray park. It is still under construction but expected to open mid to late June 2017. The water park includes water troughs, bubblers and a whole lot of sand. Yup! Sand and water will be mixing together making a positively wonderful mess that kids are going to just love. (Definitely bring a change of clothes and a towel when spending the day at Sapperton Park).

Playground and bird houses at Sapperton Park - Lindsay Follett

Photo credit: Lindsay Follett

The kids who play at this park leave with red cheeks, sweaty heads and BIG grins. Sapperton’s new play structures encourage kids to climb, swing, push their comfort zones, and get imaginative. My 6 year old was delighted that he “invented” a wood slide (big shout out to whichever person / machine sanded the heck out of the wooden beams because my kid used that wooden “slide” at least a 100 times and left without a single sliver).

Climbing Structure at Sapperton Park - Lindsay Follett

Photo credit: Lindsay Follett

The designers of Sapperton Park also thought of the parents. There are lots of seats available along the low wall ringing the big-kid playground. And there are positively charming, red, wooden Adirondack chairs scattered throughout the park. Another great thing about Sapperton Park are the massive trees casting ample shade and giving the kids a chance to cool off after all the running around.

As for the location? Sapperton Park is 2 blocks east, along Columbia Street, from Royal Columbian Hospital. There is lots of street parking available around the park. The park also has picnic tables, large grassy fields (soccer & baseball), and public washrooms (open from 8:30am until dusk).

Sapperton Park:

Address: 351 E Columbia Street, New Westminster