The world needs the arts. Never has this fact been more apparent than during the global pandemic. Within mere hours of the world shutting down, the arts community stepped up, opened their hearts, and entertained the world from the confines of their homes. From virtual concerts to online art classes the badly shaken global community was buoyed by artists from around the globe sharing their talents.

All of those artists started somewhere. Whether taking classes after school, being encouraged by artistically-inclined parents, finding inspiration in books and at school, most artists can point to the spark, the moment in their lives when their passion for their art form took off and changed the trajectory of their lives.

Whether your child has an innate passion for the arts, or you are striving to nurture a well-rounded human who can appreciate a wide variety of life’s offerings, taking part in extra-curricular arts programs adds depth and fullness to their lives. Countless studies have demonstrated repeatedly the value of exposure to arts for children: increased communication skills, improvement in fine-motor skills, expanded problem solving skills, and a outlet to process the world around them.

PoMoArtsBy offering more than 350 classes, PoMoArts encourages children (and adults) to explore a wide range of art forms. Spring classes with PoMoArts are offered both in-person and virtually as the organizers recognize varying levels of COVID-comfort.

Classes for kids aged 6-10 years: From visual art classes, Spring Break programs, exposure to felting and textile arts, ceramics, and music lessons, there is bound to be an art form that piques your child’s interest. There are also kids-only classes on Friday nights (February 12, March 12, and April 16). Just think, mom and dad, an evening to yourselves while the kids are completely entertained!

Classes for kids aged 11+ years: Much like the courses for the younger kids, the programming available for the tweens/teens is very diverse. In addition to online courses, students can enjoy programming in the visual arts, felting / textile arts, ceramics, and music lessons. And it’s not just the younger kids who get to enjoy an evening out. Once a month – on Thursdays – PoMoArts hosts Youth Night for like-minded individuals who enjoy creating and developing their artistic skill.

PoMoArtsAs parents none of us know the path our child will follow. We also don’t know which life-experience is going to intrigue their brain and blossom into an all-consuming passion. The best we can hope to do is offer our children a wide range of learning opportunities thereby opening doors to future adventures. Involvement in the arts could sprout the seed of a beloved extra-curricular activity, a life-long pursuit, or a passing interest. The courses offered by PoMoArts will enrich your child’s life both now and in the future. You can view all of their programs and register for programs that pique your interest, here.

Spring Classes with PoMoArts:

Operating hours: Weekdays: 10:30am – 9pm; Weekends: 10am – 4:30pm
Gallery hours: Weekdays: 11am – 8;30pm; Weekends: 10:30am-4pm
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