July 2013

Oh Calgary…

Our hearts are very heavy after spending the past two days watching coverage of the rain and flooding in Southern Alberta and Calgary. Like many of you we just simply cannot believe our eyes. Many of our favorite places are covered in water & muck and it’s impossible to know when they will be back to normal.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those families who have had to evacuate their homes. The loss is unimaginable.

We are also saddened because we just released our list of 100 Fun things to do in Calgary this Summer and within a matter of days many of our favorite places are now gone and events cancelled. Our beautiful, vibrant city is in a crisis and it is utterly devastating.

But the true nature of Calgary shines through during times like these; resilience, hard work, and commitment. We are so grateful that everyone from the Mayor, Police, Fire Rescue, EMTs through to City Administration and more have worked tirelessly to keep the city safe, keep the citizens informed, and keep our services running.

Whenever possible we will post updates on events and attractions that may be closed or cancelled but we still urge all our readers to contact the facility before you head out to ensure that it is open.