Here’s How to Explore Three Artful Destinations in Lethbridge

You may know it as a tournament town, but there’s so much more than meets the eye in Lethbridge. A great gateway to attractions throughout southern Alberta, the city of 100,000 is growing into a cultural and arts hub and is home to three great art destinations.

University of Lethbridge Gallery

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery
Photo credit: Paula Worthington

Check out the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, located on the west side of Lethbridge’s wide river valley.

Admission is always free, and the gallery is home to more than 15,000 pieces of art, which are selected for exhibitions which rotate on a regular basis. Don’t be surprised if you come across a sketch by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse or Canadian greats such as Tom Thomson, Emily Carr and Bill Reid.

See your creative interests soar, uncover more on Lethbridge’s art scene via

Lethbridge Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Lethbridge Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Photo credit: Paula Worthington

From there, head downtown where you can do your own walking tour of some of Lethbridge’s historic buildings, and then see how old-meets-new at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, or “SAAG” as it’s called by locals.
Part of the gallery is housed in a brick building from 1922, seamlessly joining a glass contemporary building which houses the exhibits.

Check out the contemporary art exhibits, which are approachable, even for gallery first-timers. “Art can and should be fun,” says Jon Martin of SAAG. “It doesn’t have to be exclusive, and it’s OK to have an opinion, even if you don’t know much about a piece.”

The creative space at the back of the gallery is home to a number of arts programs, letting the public become creators in their own right.

Not to be missed is SAAG’s store, which features locally made art items, textiles and jewelry. You’ll be supporting local artisans as you pick out something unique and new.

Lethbridge CASA

Lethbridge CASA
Photo credit: Paula Worthington

A quick walk from SAAG is CASA, the home for the arts in Southern Alberta. The building is bright and airy and is home to world-class art facilities, a gallery and ongoing events.

Its gallery features regular exhibits and is free to visit. “We love seeing people who are hobbyists and become very successful at their craft,” says Brenna Lowrie, CASA Facility Manager. “We offer unique items for sale, as well as artisan markets throughout the year.”

Round out your trip with a visit to Lethbridge’s other great attractions and restaurants. Let’s just say that Lethbridge is a picture-perfect getaway to add some culture to your life.

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See your creative interests soar, uncover more on Lethbridge’s art scene via

Learn more about the University of Lethbridge’s Art Gallery here.

Find out more about the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and learn about their upcoming art auction.

Read all about CASA here and sign up for an upcoming class.

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