Shows at Calgary’s Arts Commons transport us to another world. Here you can listen to the classical sounds of the symphony, enjoy a children’s show, or watch a drama unfold. Arts Commons Presents also fascinates us through captivating lectures and special events, such as those from National Geographic Live. For the 2022-23 season, Arts Commons Presents planned four National Geographic Live shows, and for the first time, it is an all-female season of speakers. These presentations are the perfect events for families with school-age children, giving them glimpses into our world in educational and engaging ways.

On March 12 – 13, 2023, it’s time to travel the world, as National Geographic Live explores animal migration and long-distance journeys with Lucy Hawkes: Life on the Move. Look up! We have all seen a flock of birds flying high above us. Where are they going? What does their journey look like?

Billions of animals migrate every year, searching for food, water, or a mate. Lucy Hawkes is a physiological ecologist and she has spent years studying how and why these massive migrations occur. In doing so, she has uncovered incredible stories of animal perseverance, despite tremendous odds. From the sea to the sky, you’ll meet some of the most amazing animals on earth, from the elusive, deep-diving basking shark to the high-flying bar-headed goose whose migratory route involves more than 3,000 miles of flight over 90 days.

“It has always amazed me that migrating animals make these huge, long-distance journeys across the planet,” says Hawkes. “I wonder how they know where to go, whether they have been there before, how they get fit enough to do it and why they don’t just stop somewhere closer.”

New this season, Arts Commons Presents will also provide an ASL/ENG Interpreter for the Sunday matinee and the interpreter will be located toward the left side of the stage. For the best view, choose Orchestra or Mezzanine level seating.

This March, get on the move with Lucy Hawkes and National Geographic Live. You’ll get an inside look at what Lucy has learned as she’s tracked animals on their long-distance journeys all over the planet. Get your tickets from Arts Commons Presents before they sell out!

Arts Commons is the largest performing arts centre in Western Canada and home to the Jack Singer Concert Hall, as well as six resident companies: Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Theatre Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects, Arts Commons Presents, Downstage, and One Yellow Rabbit. Arts Commons has so many wonderful family-friendly shows! You’re sure to find something you’ll love and something that will bring your family a delightful, memorable evening.

Arts Commons Presents National Geographic Live:

When: March 12 – 13, 2023
Time: Sunday at 2 pm and Monday at 7 pm
Where: Jack Singer Concert Hall, Arts Commons
Address: 205 – 8 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-294-9494