With a few games, a little challenge, and loads of practical life skills, your kids can learn French or improve their French anywhere and anytime this fall! Brouillet Academy, a brand owned by Camp Tournesol, the leader in French Camps in Ontario, was developed to help students build academic French skills all year round with virtual French classes, DELF certification, and one-on-one tutoring. Your kids, grades 1 to 12, can access their excellent programs from anywhere this fall.

The goal of Brouillet Academy is to provide exceptional French classes and tutoring to support students in their journey to become bilingual and master the French language. The experienced teaching staff is fully trained by their Director of Curriculum and every member has loads of French expertise, ready for a new season of learning with convenient virtual programs.

This fall, it’s time to enrich your child’s mind and give them the incredible benefit of another language. The programs at Brouillet Academy are fully remote, so families can join them from anywhere, at any time — a perfect option for busy lives. The Academy has two main streams, with individualized tutoring to help children improve their existing grasp of the language and a variety of French classes for kids to develop their French skills at any level.

Brouillet Academy Fall Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

What Class is Best For Your Child?

With various options available, it’s easy to find the right fit to help your child with the French language.

Enrich Your French: This class is divided by grade level and designed for French immersion students. These classes touch on all 4 areas of the French language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Grammar and Conjugation: Also for French Immersion students and divided by grade level, this class is more focused on students looking to reinforce their verbs and conjugation skills in French.

Coding and Minecraft: Game time! Coding and Minecraft is a class taught in French, with a fun way for French students to practice and learn.

Learn French: This program is for beginners or students not in a French immersion program. It touches on all areas of French learning and helps students gain skills in this language for everyday use.

DELF Preparation: These classes are for students in grades 6 to 12 to help them prepare for their French language certification.

French Tutoring: Are you looking for a more tailored experience? Tutoring is an excellent, personalized learning option for all grades and all levels, whether your child is in French immersion or not! The French tutors will customize the sessions for every student based on their needs.

Brouillet Academy Fall Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Where does your little learner fit? Registration is now open for classes at the Brouillet Academy, for learning that fits your lifestyle! Want to learn more? You can check out the sample classes on their website, but don’t delay, because the fall semester begins on September 19, 2022!

Brouillet Academy Fall Classes:

When: Fall semester begins on September 19, 2022
Where: Online
Website: www.brouilletacademy.ca