April 2023

“Oh, they’re selling vintage comic books!”

“Well, this is the Calgary Comic Expo,” said my friend dryly.

There are many things I’ve never done, and they include watching Star Wars, playing Pokemon, and visiting the Calgary Comic Expo. But this year, an out-of-town friend was visiting and her husband was participating in the Comic Expo, so it was the perfect opportunity to see all the excitement for myself.

The Calgary Comic Expo brings four days of pop-culture fun to Calgary. It’s a place to geek out over comics, sci-fi, anime, gaming, cosplay, and more. Here you’ll find panels and workshops, family attractions, famous celebrities and actors, and a huge shopping event, filled with unique items you won’t find anywhere else. Everyone is a fan of something, and you can probably find it here!

Calgary Comic Expo Visit (Family Fun Calgary)

Why would you go to the Calgary Comic Expo? There are all kinds of reasons to visit, even if you’re just driven by curiosity like I was. What struck me most during my visit was watching people embrace what sparks joy as they celebrated play. The Comic Expo is a place where even adults can release the worries of everyday life and enjoy the thread of delight that is woven through an imaginative life. The costumes were enjoyable and amusing, with photo opportunities everywhere. Even the youngest visitors were decked out in cosplay and could visit their own play area.

I didn’t meet any celebrities or attend any shows or workshops, but I made sure to take a look at every booth and was tempted by the one-of-a-kind variety of items to purchase. Still being a kid at heart, the board games and cotton candy caught my eye, as did the numerous options to purchase swords, tiaras, and other cosplay. My dress-up for the evening was restrained to an Indiana Jones fedora, which still brought out the, “Seriously, Mom,” comments from my teenager.

Whatever pop culture fascination you’re into, find it at this home for unlimited fandom! Tickets are already on sale for the 2024 Calgary Comic Expo, taking place at the BMO Centre from April 25 – 28, 2024.

Calgary Comic Expo Visit (Family Fun Calgary)