Working from home or working on the frontlines, dealing with kids, laundry, and groceries, helping others and making our communities better: it doesn’t matter what your perspective is, women manage a lot! And no one has carried more than moms, as we struggle to keep life going for the kids while working through all the trials of a pandemic and a recession. This year, it’s time to take a day for yourself — restore your body, mind, and spirit with the Camp Cadicasu Women’s Wellness Retreat.

We know how much you need a vacation but we also know how hard it is to get away from responsibilities. Camp Cadicasu wants to help with that, by offering a choice of three different days where you can step away from the hustle and bustle of your life and experience calm in the mountains. Their Women’s Wellness Retreat is for all adult women, and you can choose what day works best for you — or plan to attend them all! On February 25, April 29, or October 28, 2023, experience both the beauty of hiking a stunning mountain trail and the energizing and restorative practices of many styles of yoga.

Camp Cadicasu Women's Wellness Retreat (Family Fun Calgary)

No matter your age or life stage, join Camp Cadicasu for this Women’s Wellness Retreat and enjoy a day of yoga, mindfulness, and fresh mountain air. Whether you’re a first-timer or a yoga enthusiast, all women ages 18 years and up are invited for a day of fun, without the responsibilities. All sessions and meals are included, so no kids, no cooking, and no cleaning.  You’ll also learn meditation and de-stressing techniques to integrate into your daily life, which is precisely what we need!

Rachel Ann will be your yoga teacher leading your day in the mountains, and her sense of joy and happiness will pass on to you. Known for her sense of humour, dynamic sequencing, alignment focus, and lively nature, Rachel Ann offers private yoga therapy sessions and group classes at several locations in Calgary, in addition to the Calgary Police Services. She feels privileged to be sharing yoga with others after quitting her corporate job in 2011. The highlight of her training was spending 9 months in India and Nepal travelling through the countryside, meeting incredible people, and drinking more chai than anyone should in a lifetime. She makes yoga fun for everyone, from the newbies to the experienced!

Moms, it’s your turn to take a break! Grab a friend, call a sister, and plan to attend the Camp Cadicasu Women’s Wellness Retreat. The price ($195 + GST) includes all sessions and meals. It’s a relaxing adventure that will leave both new and experienced yogis feeling rejuvenated, restored, and whole.

Camp Cadicasu Women’s Wellness Retreat:

When: February 25, April 29, October 28, 2023
Where: Camp Cadicasu (see driving directions online)
Ages: Moms and other amazing women!