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Sampler (Family Fun Calgary)
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  Remember how much fun it was when grocery stores handed out samples? Studies show that 62% of consumers think product sampling is the best way to convince them to change brands, and you can see why that is true. When the kids try a sample of something new and love
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"Glamping" at the Calgary Sandman Inn (Family Fun Calgary)
“Glamping” at the Calgary Sandman Inn This Winter

Life has looked very different for the last year, but people have stepped up with great creativity! This winter, you can have a family-friendly, mini-adventure with the Sandman Hotel Group’s Family Glamping Rooms! Every Calgary Sandman has created a limited number of “camping” rooms, including adorable tents, kids’ camping chairs,
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WinSport Season Pass (Family Fun Calgary)
Play All Winter Without Leaving the City: WinSport Season Pass Early Bird Sale on Now

At this moment, the fall colours are brilliant and the weather is perfect to get out and enjoy biking, walking, and just playing with your kids outside. But we all know these October days will soon give way to winter . . . bringing us new ways to play outside!
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Boston Pizza’s Kids Cards are coming to Calgary

There is a general consensus in my house: if we are ever only able to eat one thing for the rest of our lives, that thing will be pizza. These are the things you learn trapped in a car on a road trip. I know how fortunate we are to
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