School Break Camps

Between Professional Days, Teachers Convention, and Winter Break its a wonder the kids ever go to school! These day camps can help parents keep those kids entertained when they’re not in school!

MRU Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Make Your Next PD Day Awesome with MRU PD Day Camps!

A day off school and a chance to play games, stay in your pyjamas, or get together with a friend — PD days are awesome when you’re a kid! They’re sometimes a little trickier when you’re a parent, however, as Mom and Dad’s schedule isn’t always so easy to manage.
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Calgary Young People's Theatre PD Camps (Family Fun
Calgary Young People’s Theatre PD Camps — For Wacky, Wonderful Days!

How do you manage PD days in your family? It’s fun to take a day off and do something with your kids or set up an epic play date with a friend. But sometimes that’s not possible and you need other arrangements. Then plan for wacky and wonderful PD days,
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Heritage Park February Day Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Heritage Park February Day Camps: It’s Time For an Adventure!

February means it’s time for a winter break! It can be nice to have an extra-long weekend when the kids have bonus days off before the Family Day weekend, but it can also be hard to juggle schedules if Mom and Dad still have to work. But now you can
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Fall Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Fall Break Camps: What Are Your Kids Doing with This New Break?

If your kids are a part of the Calgary Board of Education, you know about the new ‘fall break’ added to the 2023-24 school year. This year, the break runs from November 9 – 14, 2023, and while it’s exciting to get a little extra time off school, it can
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