Calgary Classes for Kids: Great Extracurricular Programs You AND Your Kids Will Love

Calgary Classes For Kids (Family Fun Calgary)

Art, music, drama, sports, social clubs and educational enrichment… there are a lot of extracurricular activities that your kids could take part in. Here at Family Fun Calgary, we want to make it easier for you to find quality extracurricular programs that you AND your kids will love. We’ll be adding to this page regularly so come back often to see what’s new.

MRU Conservatory (Family Fun Calgary)

MRU Conservatory Virtual Classes

During a crisis, every family needs to ensure that their basic physiological needs are met. But mental health and finding meaning and satisfaction in life is important to building resiliency, adapting, and thriving, even in adversity. Music can be a huge part of this and MRU Conservatory now offers online music lessons — so you don’t miss a beat!

Read more about it here.


Chinook School of Music (Family Fun Calgary)

Chinook School of Music Online Music Lessons

Did you watch a show today? Did you listen to music? In these times of social distancing and isolation, people are turning to the arts for entertainment, distraction, meaning, and relief. Music is a way of reducing anxiety, increasing mental alertness, and promoting creativity. Chinook School of Music knows that music is more important than ever during a stressful time like the COVID-19 crisis, so they have moved all of their private lessons to the virtual world, which means that over 700 students are now participating in online music lessons! Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep up what brings joy. Read more about it here.

Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Gymnastics Centre Spring Programs

Any time of the year is a great time to flip out, and Calgary Gymnastics Centre has classes for spring registration opening soon! We all know that kids love to move; they climb, swing, jump, and balance their way through life anyway, so channel that energy into gymnastics skills! Gymnastics is a terrific sport for promoting basic physical literacy. Calgary Gymnastics Centre is the largest gymnastics facility in Calgary, with two locations to choose from, one in Canada Olympic Park and one on Country Hills Blvd. Read more about it here.


MRU Kids' Conservatory (Family Fun Calgary)

MRU Conservatory Programs

Every parent wants their child to find meaning and satisfaction in life and discover what brings them joy. Music naturally entices children and offers a world of pleasure, while teaching discipline and even improving cognitive skills. You’ve probably heard about the Mount Royal University Conservatory, but did you know they offer a wide range of options? MRU Conservatory offers music and speech arts education for every age and stage! Read more about it here.


Vecova Winter Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Vecova Winter Programs

Winter. Do you stay indoors, desperately longing for the return of the sun? Do the kids get grouchy and make trouble? It doesn’t have to be that way! Grab the kids and head to the Vecova Recreation Centre. Besides drop-in opportunities, Recreation at Vecova has a number of excellent programs for your children, offering you a chance to take a break, while giving the kids a chance to play and burn some energy. Read more about it here.


Chinook School of Music (Family Fun Calgary)

Chinook School of Music Winter Programs

Winter is the perfect time to embrace the countless little things in life that bring about a sense of well-being and contentment, even through the darkest months, like the satisfaction that comes from music! Music is a positive, universal human experience, and learning to create our own music offers benefits that are wide-spread and long-lasting. Chinook School of Music, established in 2005, offers a fresh, modern approach to musical education with Music Kids. Read more about it here.


Trico Centre Fall Fitness (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Fall Fitness

Fall is coming with its crisp mornings, beautiful foliage, and back to school. This year, make fall about back to fitness for the whole family! Trico Centre for Family Wellness has programs for every member of your family, making it fun and easy to stay active. And when an active lifestyle is fun and easy, we’re more likely to stick with it! Importantly, kids can develop those physical literacy skills that are so vital to well-being. Physical literacy recognizes that it is important to teach children fundamental movement and sports skills like how to throw, catch, run, and move. Read more about it here.

Repsol Sport Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Programs

This year, make September about back to health and fitness, as well, with Repsol Sport Centre programs for the whole family! We all know that movement and staying active is essential for a well-rounded, healthy life and this is especially true for kids who are forming habits and learning the physical literacy skills that will benefit them all their lives. While your child is getting active, you could also be enjoying all the benefits of Repsol Sport Centre! Check out the membership options. Read more about it here.


Musica Academy Registered Programs (Family Fun Calgary)Musica Academy

Kids are naturally drawn to music and it’s never to early to start an enriching lifetime of musical enjoyment and proficiency. Musica Academy Yamaha School knows that children of all ages, from toddlers through to adulthood, learn through music and are naturally creative. This fall, check out their weekly group lessons and private instructions through the internationally renowned Yamaha Music Education System. It is a complete education system with exams, syllabuses, and opportunities to perform locally and internationally. This fall, get connected with music! Read more about it here.

Alberta Tennis Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Alberta Tennis Centre Fall Programs

Tennis is one of the classic summer sports. Sunny days, the satisfying thwack of the ball over the net, and a great excuse to be active. So as the fall approaches and some families are checking out the hockey and skiing gear, you might not be thinking of tennis. But the Alberta Tennis Centre, with its world-class indoor tennis facility, offers training and development programs for your kids! Whether they want to try tennis for the first time or take their skills to exciting new levels, this year, it’s possible. Read more about it here.


Calgary Girls Choir (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Girls Choir

Some girls were just born to sing! Whether your girl sings loudly for all to hear or hums quietly to herself, you know the power of music in her life when her eyes light up. The Calgary Girls Choir was established in 1995 and has been providing outstanding choral instruction for girls and young women aged 5 and up, leading them to a high level of musical accomplishment and inner confidence. On September 17, 18, and 19, 2019, they are also inviting you to “Come Do Re Mi with CGC!”  Read more about it here.


Youth Singers of Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Singers of Calgary

Do you have a young singer in your house? Youth Singers of Calgary wants to give them the opportunity to sing, dance, act, and realize their full creative potential! Being a part of the team at Youth Singers of Calgary develops self-esteem, discipline, self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. You’ll be thrilled to watch your kids develop the skills that will benefit them in every part of life.

Read more about it here.

Long & McQuade (Family Fun Calgary)

Long & McQuade Music Lessons

You might love the dulcet tones of a piano melody or prefer the rhythmic strumming of the guitar. Any music education offers its students a variety of benefits, including the improved development of language and reasoning, perseverance, problem-solving, confidence, and teamwork skills.  Long & McQuade believes that every person is capable of acquiring the skills and knowledge required to play a musical instrument and then reap all these rewards. Read more about it here.

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