Calgary Classes for Kids: Great Extracurricular Programs You AND Your Kids Will Love

Calgary Classes For Kids (Family Fun Calgary)

Art, music, drama, sports, social clubs and educational enrichment… there are a lot of extracurricular activities that your kids could take part in. Here at Family Fun Calgary, we want to make it easier for you to find quality extracurricular programs that you AND your kids will love. We’ll be adding to this page regularly so come back often to see what’s new.

Trico Fall Fitness (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Fall Fitness

Fall is coming: crisp mornings, beautiful foliage, and back to school. This year, make fall about back to fitness, as well! Trico Centre for Family Wellness has programs for every member of your family, making it fun to stay active and to learn the physical literacy skills that are so vital to our well-being. Physical literacy recognizes that it is important to teach children fundamental movement and sports skills like how to throw, catch, run, and move. (Gymnastics classes, for example, are a great way to learn these fundamental skills which can then be used in any sport or activity.) Read more about it here.

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming Lessons

Repsol Sport Centre has expanded their partnership with the Lifesaving Society. Their swim lessons follow the well-established Swim for Life® Program, equipping children with skills that will offer them safety and enjoyment in the water. With many different levels, kids can confidently see their progress and accomplish easily understandable goals that allow them to proceed through their swimming lessons at a good pace. The variety of programs and skill levels available will make it easy to get your kids swimming! Read more about it here.


Stryker Sports (Family Fun Calgary)

Stryker Sports Fall Sessions

Whether your child wants to smack the ball over the net or work on their slam dunk, they can develop their skills at Stryker Sports. Stryker Sports offers a variety of volleyball and basketball classes for kids from ages 6 to 16, at several locations and timeslots all over Calgary. Kids will not only learn the fundamental skills of the sport with experienced and certified coaches, but they will experience a safe place to practice their skills and have the opportunity to work as part of a team. If you have kids entering middle school, these courses will help them gain confidence and expertise for the school team. Read more about it here.

Musica Academy Registered Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Musica Academy Yamaha School Programs

Whether it’s banging on the piano keys and off-key enthusiastic singing or years of dedicated practice, music lights a spark in our hearts and adds a beautiful dimension to our lives. The Musica Academy Yamaha School knows that children of all ages learn through music and are naturally creative. Musica Academy enriches your life, through the internationally renowned YAMAHA EDUCATION SYSTEM. They connect people by offering weekly group lessons and private instructions to students. Read more about it here.


Chinook School of Music (Family Fun Calgary)

Chinook School of Music Programs

Music is a universal language; regardless of your age, language, or ability, you can find joy in the world of music! Not only can music make you happier and lower your stress, but learning to play music also enhances coordination and perseverance and improves cognitive skills. But mostly, it’s a skill that offers a lifetime of enjoyment. This fall, your children can develop their own musical appreciation and skills with Chinook School of Music fall programs. Read more about it here.


Evolutions Dance Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Evolutions School of Dance Programs

The school year is coming and with it comes all the decisions parents need to make for activities and after-school programs. Evolutions School of Dance understands how movement and creativity are instinctively linked in children, and they have some amazing after-school options for your kids. With a wide variety of classes and programs for every age and ability, your kids will not only have a place to burn some energy after school but also develop artistry and grace and make some new friends! Read more about it here.


Long & McQuade (Family Fun Calgary)

Long & McQuade Music Lessons

You might love the dulcet tones of a piano melody or prefer the rhythmic strumming of the guitar. Any music education offers its students a variety of benefits, including the improved development of language and reasoning, perseverance, problem-solving, confidence, and teamwork skills.  Long & McQuade believes that every person is capable of acquiring the skills and knowledge required to play a musical instrument and then reap all these rewards. Read more about it here.



Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Gymnastics Centre Programs

Calgary Gymnastics Centre is the largest gymnastics facility in Calgary. With two locations to choose from, in Canada Olympic Park and on Country Hills Blvd, it’s fun and convenient for kids to try out a wonderful all-around sport. Gymnastics is a great sport for teaching your child basic physical literacy. The strength, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness that is central to gymnastics is a must for many other sports. Read more about it here.


Trico Centre Swimming Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Swimming Lessons

For many people, learning to swim is not an optional activity, it’s a life skill. Thankfully, many kids enjoy the water and are excited to start swimming lessons, building their technique for a lifetime. Trico Centre for Family Wellness makes it easy to accomplish all your swimming goals and they have lessons over the summer months. Read more about it here.



Trico Centre Summer Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Summer Programs

Trico Centre for Family Wellness knows all about the ups and downs of summer. That’s why they offer summer programs for all ages, from parent and tot and preschool programs to 14-year-olds! The children’s programs at Trico Centre are designed with families in mind and they aim to help kids be the best they can be. They offer programs that help build a child’s physical literacy, develop that creative genius, and give them a place to have fun! Read more about it here.


Stryker Sports Winter Registration (Family Fun Calgary)

Stryker Sports

Spring is almost here, and what are your kids doing? Are their energy levels rising? Are they looking for time to play, have fun, and sharpen those sporting skills? Stryker Sports excels in training young people ages 6 – 16 in the sports of basketball and volleyball, and they are ready for your kids this spring! The spring sessions start mid-April and run through to mid-June. Whether your child is just beginning in the sport or has some experience on the court, each child can learn more about the game, have fun, and thrive in this positive, sports environment. Read more about it here.

Evolutions School of Dance (Family Fun Calgary)

Evolutions School of Dance

Evolutions School of Dance understands how movement and creativity are instinctively linked in children, and they have some amazing after school options for your kids. They have a variety of classes and programs for every age and ability that will not only give your kids a place to burn some energy after school but also help develop artistry and grace and make some new friends! Read more about Evolutions School of Dance here.


Dance with France (Family Fun Calgary)

Dance with France

Are your kids looking for a rewarding after-school activity? Dance with France wants to help inspire their passion for dance and performance! Classes from Dance with France are available from ages 3 and up, and they even have adult classes, f you ever decide to pursue those childhood dreams! There’s even an all-boys breakdance class! Read more about Dance with France here.


Breathe Parkour (Family Fun Calgary)

Breathe Parkour

Parkour offers kids a chance to be kids, and run, jump, and climb, all while building skills and having fun! Breathe Parkour offers after-school activities and a place where kids can burn all their energy in a safe training environment with proper supervision. Their space has been created to mimic the outside world, while still upholding a safe learning process. Read more about Breathe Parkour here.


Idea Lab Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)

Idea Lab

Idea Lab is an organization offering after-school programs that give children a wide variety of fun and diverse activities that will help enrich their lives. Everything from cooking school, robotics, 3D art, engineering, and science are covered at Idea Lab. Children learn best through doing, experimenting, and exploring, and they can participate in many hands-on activities through science and math. Read more about Idea Lab here.

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