Art, music, drama, sports, social clubs and educational enrichment… there are a lot of extracurricular activities that your kids could take part in. Here at Family Fun Calgary, we want to make it easier for you to find quality extracurricular programs that you AND your kids will love. It’s always a great time to try something new or get back to what you love, so keep reading to find Calgary Classes for Kids! We’ll be adding to this page regularly so come back often to see what’s happening.

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Nini's Cooking Class Fall Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Featured Program: Nini’s Cooking Class Fall Programs

There’s nothing like getting your kids involved in fun, kid-friendly programs that teach real-life skills! Kids love to eat and they often have a fascination with adult activities, so this fall, get your kids cooking! Nini’s Cooking Class has a variety of programs that will appeal to any palate and will teach kids everything they need to know for success in the kitchen, from making delicious healthy meals to kitchen safety. Sign up for a season of delicious, practical learning. Kids will love eating the food they prepare – and then preparing it for you at home!

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Alberta Tennis Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Alberta Tennis Centre Fall Programs

As the fall approaches, and some families are checking out the hockey and skiing gear, you might not be thinking of tennis. But the Alberta Tennis Centre, with its world-class indoor tennis facility, offers training and development programs for kids ages 4 and up! Whether they want to try tennis for the first time or take their skills to exciting new levels, it’s possible.

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Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Gymnastics Fall Programs

Do your kids need to burn some energy after sitting in school all day? Are they hanging upside down, jumping, flipping, or generally being monkeys in your house? Then this fall, it’s time to play! The Calgary Gymnastics Centre is the largest gymnastics facility in Calgary and they have tons of fall programs for every age and ability. With two locations to choose from, the Calgary Gymnastics Centre is fun for the kids and convenient for the parents.

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Green Fools Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)Green Fools Theatre Fall Programs

We love summer, but fall can bring exciting and rewarding new things, too, like the Green Fools Theatre programs! Have your kids ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Maybe they’ve picked up some tennis balls and tried to juggle or watched an aerialist in awe. This fall, introduce your kids to some amazing activities where they will be physically challenged, creatively nurtured, and have loads of fun!

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Musica Academy Registered Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Musica Academy Fall Programs

If you listen to a child, you’ll often hear them singing or humming. Kids are naturally drawn to music so it’s never too early to start a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Musica Academy Yamaha School knows that people of all ages, from toddlers through to adulthood, learn through music and are naturally creative, so this September, fall in love with music at one of their  registered programs!

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Pumphouse Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)

Pumphouse Theatre Fall Lessons

This fall is all about embracing your passions and bringing back drama, with fall lessons from Pumphouse Theatre. They’ll learn how to express themselves and they’ll have a chance to SHINE! If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your child, you’ll find one with Pumphouse Theatre drama education programs for young children to teenagers.

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Trico Centre Fall (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Fall Programs

Fall is coming! This back-to-school reality often brings a comfortable degree of routine and predictability to family life. Slide fitness for the whole family into your schedule, too! Trico Centre for Family Wellness has programs for every member of your family, making it fun and easy to stay active. Check out their new Skill Builder Program, too!

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Trico Centre Out of School Care (Family Fun Calgary)Trico Centre Out of School

Being a parent involves so many decisions as you strive to keep your kids safe, healthy, and well-adjusted. If you need out-of-school care, you know it can add an extra challenge to your life. Trico Centre’s licensed before and after school program is for kids from grades 1 to 6, and they ensure your children are securely cared for and provided with appropriate fun and challenges. And knowing your children are happy throughout their day makes your decision-making easier!

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