September 2014

There is a general consensus in my house: if we are ever only able to eat one thing for the rest of our lives, that thing will be pizza. These are the things you learn trapped in a car on a road trip.
I know how fortunate we are to have a family that is able to travel and talk and joke and eat together. Some kids (and parents!) aren’t so lucky. So when we heard about Boston Pizza’s Kids Cards, I got very excited: three of my favourite things in one great program!

#1. Not cooking
#2. Helping kids in need
#3. Saving sweet, sweet cash

Don’t judge me that I listed those in order.

“So tell me about Kids Cards, already!” I can hear you say. I’m getting there.

In addition to being the purveyors of a delicious variety of food (see favourite thing #1), Boston Pizza are the innovators behind Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects. The Canada wide program raises funds and awareness for charities that provide role models and mentoring for kids who need it (see favourite thing #2).

Their partners include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Help Phone, Live Different, JDRF and The Rick Hansen Foundation.

Since its inception, the Boston Pizza Foundation has raised over $18 million to help kids and their families live happy healthy lives. $18 million? That’s a spicy meatball!

And here’s where favourite thing #3 comes in. For a minimum donation of $5 to Future Prospects, you can purchase a Kids Card from your local Boston Pizza or online at that is good for 5 free kid’s meals at Boston Pizza. That’s a $35 value!

But wait…there’s more! I was already sold on the 5 free kids meals part, but Boston Pizza is willing to kick in a sixth free meal for the kids if you register for myBP. It’s a program that helps maximize your online ordering experience, and lets you know about all the deals going down at BP’s, (like Kids Cards, ahem) You can download the app on iTunes or from

Basically, the Kids Card is a no lose proposition. I’m glad to have the chance to tell you about it because it helps kids and it saves money, and there is no down side to that! We’re having Boston Pizza for dinner tonight, how about you?