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Easter Egg Hunts at Home (Family Fun Calgary)
Add Some Fun With Unique Easter Egg Hunts at Home

Families have a wide variety of traditions for Easter, but many include some sort of Easter Egg Hunt. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to add some extra fun to your hunting tradition, check out these 5 Easter Egg Hunts to do at home from Family Fun Halifax that
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Home Garden (Family Fun Calgary)
Spring Has Sprung! Start Your Home Garden

Spring has sprung! Let’s celebrate the start of the new season by planting our own home garden –  March and April are the perfect months to start your indoor seedlings. If you’ve never had much of a green thumb, now is the time to bring the great outdoors inside with
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Earth Day in Calgary

Earth Day is April 22nd. While Calgary does not have any city-wide Earth Day events planned, check out Green Calgary for kid-friendly activities. Sometimes, they also sell rain barrels and composters from April to June. Over the years, they’ve sold thousands–which means that Calgarians have collected millions of litres of rainwater
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Dinner With Julie Online Cooking Camp (Family Fun Calgary)
FREE Online Dinner With Julie Cooking Class – Just for Kids!

Let your kids make you something delicious and keep them busy with the help of the Dinner with Julie FREE Online Cooking Camp for Kids. Calgary’s own food expert and cookbook author Julie Van Rosendaal guides kids of all ages through a variety of yummy things to eat! With Julie’s relaxed
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101 Things to do at Home (Family Fun Calgary)
101 Things to Do at Home to Survive During Self-Isolation

As we all adjust to our ‘new normal’, with children at home – many of whom are too young to understand much of what’s happening – we all strive to find normalcy in our daily routine. We have compiled our ‘101 Things To Do at Home’ – a list of
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Boredom Bingo (Family Fun Calgary)
Boredom BINGO! {With Free Printable}

“The days are long, but the years are short,” is how the saying goes. Well, the days are really, really long when you’re isolating at home during a pandemic. The days are made even longer still when you have kids telling you how bored they are every 15 minutes. Sure
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Frugal Living 101 (Family Fun Calgary)
Who Made Me the Grown-Up?! Five Areas for Frugal Living

You know how the grown-ups in Charlie Brown sound? Well, at the risk of sounding like a boring old grown-up, I feel like I need to remind myself how to live frugally. Pack your lunch! Shop used! Turn out the lights! Make do and mend! Sigh. Make a Budget Before
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Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems (Family Fun Calgary)
Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems

So many kids love Mo Willems, creator of the Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon books. In the spring of 2020, every weekday Mo Willems offered “Lunch Doodles” where learners could draw, doodle, and create along with Mo. The lessons have been archived, so grab your pencils and paper! Lunch Doodles
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Podcasts (Family Fun Calgary
Listen Up! Podcasts Your Whole Family Will Love

I’ll admit it – I’m not techy. I try to avoid dealing with apps. I don’t know how to use a streaming service. Heck, I can barely change the clock in my car! But there’s one thing I do love – podcasts. I listen to them all the time –
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Cosmic Kids Yoga (Family Fun Calgary)
Body Break with Pokemon Yoga and So Much More from Cosmic Kids Yoga

Have you heard of Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube? The British instructor is always colourful and each episode has a different kid-friendly theme. I’m thinking Cosmic Kids Yoga will make for a few great body breaks in the upcoming weeks and months! Cosmic Kids Yoga: Website: www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga Looking for more
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