Many families are happy to embrace the rhythm of the back-to-school schedule. But we’re saying you should also feel the rhythm and move to the beat of your favourite back-to-school activity! Bend your knees, move your body, and get those kids grooving and moving. The opportunity to dance is often the chance to fill a child’s soul. Nurture that love of dance. It’s a terrific way to move and exercise, and it’s also a mental and emotional break that gives kids a chance to use their creativity and feel more fully alive. This fall, send your kids back to school and back to dance with fall classes at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks!

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Family Fun Calgary)

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is a professional dance company in Calgary, dedicated to the evolving art of jazz dance. With professional training, outreach programs, and original performances created every year, DJD is Calgary’s largest recreational dance school and they have a wide and inclusive community. They encourage their dance students, from 2-year-olds in Parent and Tot programs all the way up to 18-year-olds and adult classes, to experience how jazz music shapes movement and feeling and to explore the connection between personal expression and collaboration. And, of course, you can just enjoy the movement!

With dozens of dance classes a week, your twirling tots or toe-tapping teenagers will find a dance class that’s just right for them at DJD. Kids age three and up can discover the world of dance with their peers and friends. And they’re not limited to jazz dance! Depending on their age, they can choose dance classes in jazz, tap, hip-hop, or ballet. Your kids can discover the joy of movement while learning classic dance steps. From beginner to advanced, the emphasis on having fun makes dancing a joyful part of life and will build your child’s confidence as they feel the rhythm.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Family Fun Calgary)

Decidedly Jazz offers a fun, non-competitive environment for dancers — they focus on learning to love dance, not just learning specific moves for a recital. Experienced and passionate dance teachers know how to guide and encourage your child in the transition from beginner to advanced dancer, embracing the joy of movement and the satisfaction of personal improvement.

This fall, it’s time to get your kids dancing! When kids embrace activity, creativity, and connection, their whole life is positively impacted. You can save money if you register before August 31, 2023, too. It’s all about celebrating the love of dance at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Love to move, love to dance!

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Fall Classes:

When: Fall 2023; (Sessions begin September 16, 2023)
Where: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Address: 111 12 Ave, SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-245-3533