Active living isn’t just for certain times of life or certain ages.

Active living is a life choice that benefits everyone, all the time!

Repsol Sport Centre makes it easy for you to incorporate the values of active living into your family with their NEW Active Living Programs for Preschoolers, as they emphasize the need for children to be given opportunities to explore the physical movement of their bodies through both unstructured and structured play. This program aligns with the LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development) model used by Canadian Sport For Life and helps develop fundamental movement skills while building important connections between the brain and movement.

Repsol Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)

The Active Living Program at Repsol Sport Centre combines the expert guidance of a team of Early Childhood Education Specialists with hands-on learning activities. Kids will experience learning in every area of the facility, the gym, the pool, the classroom, and the park. Programs for preschoolers, with different activities, special toys, stories, and new friends, is so much fun for children as they are learning and expanding their minds. The program at Repsol Sport Centre encompasses the best that a preschool has to offer, with some unique extras! Children will enjoy swimming and develop gross motor skills and body awareness through fun activities such as dancing, obstacle courses, boot camp, and yoga. An introduction to sports like basketball, badminton, floor hockey, and soccer will also help set them on the path to a satisfying, active lifestyle.

Repsol Sport Centre Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)

Program sessions are available Monday to Friday, from 8:45 to 10:45 am. Register for as many sessions per week as you want and drop-ins will be available if the program is not full. Each day is focused on a different theme: kids will enjoy themes like Active Animals, Games and Swimming, Kidz Move, and Movement Fundamentals.

What will you be doing while your preschooler is in a program this fall? How about enjoying all the benefits of Repsol Sport Centre?! With membership options that range from a 10-Pass Card to a full Annual Membership, they have tons of cardio & weight training equipment, gyms with basketball and badminton, and 2 pools (the hot tub, cold tub, and steam room are closed at time of writing). Plus, Members save money on Active Living Program fees!

Let Repsol Sport Centre’s program for preschoolers welcome your child into an active life. Run, dance, jump, and play, because it’s a win for the whole family!

Repsol Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Active Living Program for Preschoolers:

Where: Repsol Sport Centre
Address: 2225 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB