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Mark your calendars! On October 14 Calgary’s premier French school, located in the central neighbourhood of Garrison Woods, is hosting an open house at 11:00 a.m.

Lycée Louis Pasteur is your only destination for a French education in Calgary.  Don’t speak French at home? No problem. Families from all linguistic backgrounds are welcome at Lycée Louis Pasteur. In fact, the school is home to 34 nationalities this year.  This multicultural and multidisciplinary environment prepares children to be active participants in the global community.
Lycee Louis Pasteur (Family Fun Calgary)“Families who enroll at Lycée Louis Pasteur are not only looking for a French education,” explains Catherine Tsobgny, Admissions Manager. “They want an educational program that is different from the public system and other private schools. They want to broaden their child’s horizons by exposing them to numerous cultures. They want to prepare their children to succeed in the 21st century.”

Lycée Louis Pasteur is part of a prestigious network of 495 schools in 137 countries around the world. These schools all teach the French Ministry of Education curriculum. Families and students can relocate with no interruption to their course of studies.  In addition, students from Grade 9 to 12 have the exciting opportunity to complete a trimester or a year within this network of schools (more information about the AEFE is available here).

The school offers a preschool and kindergarten program, which in France is called a “Maternelle.” Their Maternelle program allows your child to learn French, interact with their peers, and acquire the basics of reading, writing and numeracy. No prior French is needed to enroll in Maternelle.

For older students with no past exposure to French, the Lycée offers a French Language Immersive Program; they call it FLIP for French!  FLIP students have significant one-on-one time with a dedicated teacher.  Most FLIP students transition into the school’s regular program in one year.

Lycee Louis Pasteur (Family Fun Calgary)“Lycée Louis Pasteur is different from a French immersion or Francophone school,” says Tsobgny.  “For example, the Lycée offers Alberta English Language Arts curriculum starting in kindergarten, Spanish Language Arts starting in grade 6, and History and Geography instruction commencing in Grade 1.”

Upon graduation, Lycée Louis Pasteur students receive not only their Alberta High School diploma but also the French Baccalaureat, a diploma recognized for university entrance throughout the world.

To learn more about Lycée Louis Pasteur, come to one of their upcoming open houses. The first is on Saturday, October 14 at 11 a.m. and another on Saturday, November 18 at 10 a.m. Children are welcome; open houses usually last one hour.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Lycée Louis Pasteur:

Address: 4099 Garrison Boulevard SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-243-5420
Open House: Saturday, October 14 at 11 am; Saturday, November 18 at 10 am

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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