February 2012

When it comes to bedtime, the best part in our house (aside from the kids finally sleeping!) is the nightly ritual of story time. And nothing entertains and elicits more giggles than a good old Robert Munsch story. That’s why, when Storybook Theatre announced their season’s line-up, I immediately made note of Munsch Ado About Nothing.


Ben the Bear

When a circus, set to entertain the crowd doesn’t exactly happen, Shakespeare, Burbage and Kempe find themselves in front of a packed audience waiting for a show. With no lion or tiger or bear to be seen, the cast, (made up of three young actors that did an amazing job!), bring characters and books from much-loved Munsch stories to life. From Murmel, Murmel, Murmel to More Pies to No Clean Clothes… it was non-stop entertainment.

Waiting for the lights to go down

Waiting for the lights to go down

Clearly intended for a “young audience” (aged 3-to-6) the silly antics, funny costumes and “farting” references had the kids hootin’ and hollerin’ and joining in the dialogue. And honestly, from my vantage point, I heard more laughter and snickering from the adult attendees.

My son sat on the floor (up-front in the designated kids-only, seating area), popcorn in hand, head facing forward and he didn’t look back until the play was over. Once again, he was engaged and entertained from the moment we entered the lobby (which beautifully depicted a circus theme) until after he got autographs from the cast members (which he loves!). The entire experience was fantastic.


Ben getting autographs from the cast

Driving home, I was once again reminded how fortunate we are to live in a city that has so much to offer. And how fortunate I feel that we can take advantage of such awesome entertainment. We are already scouting out our next opportunity to see age-appropriate theatre and I, I mean my son, couldn’t be more excited.

Ben posing with Kempe the Clown

Ben posing with Kempe the Clown