February 2016

Walking into Starbelly Kitchen + Lounge during our recent visit, I was struck first by the decor. It’s a large space, but it’s beautiful, thanks to features like a modern fireplace at the entrance, an open kitchen flanked by backlit open shelves of preserved foods and a hanging liquor bar, and lots of glass, brass, wood, leather and open brick throughout. It’s modern but not at all minimalistic, thanks to many funky artistic touches. It’s also a really nice change from ‘typical’ family restaurants!

Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)

The decor at Starbelly is warm, appealing and creative.

Despite its sophisticated vibe, Starbelly clearly welcomes kids. Ours were greeted with a kids’ menu and crayons to colour with. I saw a couple nearby whose young toddler was happily ensconced in a high chair beside their table. Kalina, our helpful server, was friendly and comfortable with our kids.

It was nearly Friday, so I splashed out and ordered a cocktail from their tasty selection (any excuse, am I right Moms?). Want to know what’s better than a Caesar? Turns out its a ‘Bacon Caesar’ with a crispy maple bacon garnish and a bacon salt rim. Did I mention the bacon? Our kids saw their favourite foods on the menu, so they certainly didn’t need any help choosing (burgers for the young gent and mac n’ cheese for Miss), but Kalina gave my husband and me some pointers. Caesar salad and wild boar gnocchi for him, octopus lettuce wraps and clam linguine for me!

Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)

Her favourite meal: ‘cheesy noodles’ with veggies & dip. Yum.

Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)

Great choices for kids & parents: kids’ burger (souped up), clam linguini & octopus lettuce wraps.

All the food was fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Our entrees paired nicely with wines chosen from the collection impressively displayed in the floor-to-ceiling all-glass wine locker. I also love that Starbelly uses ingredients from lots of local farmers, suppliers and food producers like Broek Acres, Spraggs, Red Hat and Poplar Bluff Farms. I’m can only assume my octopus and clams weren’t grown locally…

Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge, Calgary AB (Family Fun Canada)

Good night, Starbelly! See you again soon.

Dessert tip: the ‘Root Beer’ Caramel Glazed Doughnut and ice cream comes with every children’s meal, but do yourselves a favour and order one just for you. So good!

So, the next time you want to get out of your kitchen with the family, try Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge in SE Calgary (next to the South Calgary Health Campus). They also do lunch and weekend brunch!

Thank you to Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge for hosting our family; the opinions expressed here are my own. ~ am

Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge Contact Details:

Where: Starbelly Open Kitchen + Lounge
Address: 220, 19489 Seton Cr SE, Calgary AB
Phone: 403 570-0133