March 2016

One of the things I love about living in Calgary, is the sense of community that we have here. We are a big city that often behaves like a small town. When it comes to community events, we are all in, ready to support each other; support the local economy.

The most popular restaurants in the city? Those non-chains. The restaurants that boast local product, that strive to use seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

The funnest places to shop? Those amazing markets – farmer’s markets, pop-up shops and weekend specialty markets. You are guaranteed an opportunity to ogle the local talent, and support local people as they create these incredibly unique, often quirky, pieces we make room for in our homes.

I think that’s what has me so excited about our latest discovery.

Another amazing way to support local.

The Calgary Public Library now has an online store.

Support Local with librarystore is an initiative put forward by the Calgary Public Library Foundation, where 100% of the proceeds from sales go back into supporting our library.

Who doesn’t need a pair of library card socks, or a “Thumb Thing” to keep your book open to the right page?

Most designs, including the wall art, tote bags, greeting cards, mugs, Mayor Nenshi’s mini-figure and EVEN some book-themed wrapping paper, have been designed by local artists and students at Alberta College of Art & Design.


Happy Shopping – and doing what Calgarians do best – supporting local.