Confederation Park has got to be one of Calgary’s best places to go for a day of winter fun. The scenery in the park is breathtaking. A meandering stream runs though the park with quaint bridges sprinkled everywhere to cross from one side to the other. There is a cleared walking trail that loops around the park with tunnels underneath the busy roads. There are two skating rinks with picnic seating near the Rosemont community hall. If you want to go tobogganing there are quite a few hills to choose from, from extra gentle to extreme!

We took our kids out to enjoy a sunny warm-ish day of tobogganing. It was our daughter’s first time tobogganing ever and our fun-loving adventurous little girl had a blast! Our son has always been a big fan of tobogganing so he was eager to go today as well. The kids did not last too long on the hill, going down is a lot more fun than going back up! It seemed like it took us twice as long to grab our gear, find the appropriate the mitts and boots, load the truck and finally drive to the hill than the actual outing lasted. In the end it was worth it though!

tobogganing at Confederation Park tobogganing at Confederation Park tobogganing at Confederation Park tobogganing at Confederation Park

Tobogganing At Confederation Park Review:

Steepness: There are so many hills to choose from you are bound to find one which suits your comfort level.
Obstructions: There are a number of trees in the park but finding a hill without trees is easy enough.
Popularity: The hills were empty when we visited (a week-day morning) but there were quite a few tracks on the hill so I guess it would depend what time of the day you go. It might be quite a bit busier on the weekends.
Parking: street parking and parking lots.
Age Range: All ages.
Amenities: The Rosemont community hall is right next to a parking lot and has public bathrooms. No nearby restaurants or cafes within walking distance but a quick drive in the car and you’ll find plenty in the area.
Safety Concerns: There is a stream running through the park so we had to keep a close eye on our adventurous daughter who made a beeline for it. The stream is not near the hills so you don’t have to worry about falling in when tobogganing but walking from hill to hill a curious toddler will have to be carefully watched.
Overall Impression: We loved it! The variety of hills was nice, when the kids got tired at one hill, we went for a short talk to try another. The scenery was stunning!
Address: 2935 10th Street NW, Calgary AB

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