Just Keep Swimming With Lessons From Trico Centre

Trico Centre Swimming Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

There are so many amazing activities in which kids can be involved, especially in a city like Calgary. Sometimes it’s hard to choose where to concentrate your resources. But for most people, learning to swim is not an optional activity, it’s a vital life skill. Thankfully, many kids enjoy the water and are excited to start swimming lessons, building their technique for a lifetime. Trico Centre for Family Wellness makes it easy to accomplish all your family’s swimming goals.

Summer is the best time for swimming! You’ll find lots of options all summer long at Trico Centre. Following the internationally-acclaimed Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program, the program starts by teaching fundamental swimming skills which encourage students to make safe choices in and around water and continually challenges swimmers to learn more.

Trico Centre Swimming Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre offers classes for all ages and abilities: Parent and Tot classes, Preschool classes, a variety of swimming levels, and Youth or Adult Classes. They also offer SwimAbilities – a program geared at children ages 3 – 16, with special needs, who need additional support to achieve their beginning swimmer goals and to increase their safety, independence and enjoyment in and around the water. With small class sizes and a variety of class times, swimmers of every level will be accommodated and will have the opportunity to succeed.

Whether your child needs to be brave enough to put their face in the water, they’re building up their courage to jump into the deep end, or they want to beat their fastest front crawl across the pool, swimming lessons at Trico Centre can help them accomplish this. As a parent, you’ll be assured that they’re making progress to survive an unexpected fall into deep water and advancing their skills to enjoy a lifetime of swimming pleasure. No matter the age or stage, just keep swimming!

Find out more about swimming levels here.

Trico Centre Swimming Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Trico Centre Swimming Lessons:

Where: Trico Centre for Family Wellness
Address: 11150 Bonaventure Dr SE, Calgary, AB
Website: www.tricocentre.ca

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