I’ve been hearing it a lot over the past few months. Sometimes from friends, or family members, or even people at the gym (who tend to whisper it, in an attempt to hide the fact they might ever stray from a perfectly healthy diet!). They always say the same thing, “Have your heard of this place? It’s called ‘Ohana Donuts'”. I was getting a haircut and the gal washing my hair confessed to her colleague at the next sink that the donuts were so good she had 3!

Ohana DonuterieThe Ohana Donuterie launched in the Spring of 2017 as a food truck, and added their brick and mortar location in December 2017. They’ve been doing a brisk business since then, catering to people who seek the high-quality and taste of a freshly prepared pastry. The double-raised yeast donuts are made from scratch using a 140 year old recipe, and can be filled with different fresh whipped creams of your choice. There’s everything from the classics to some of the wildest and wackiest flavour combinations you can imagine. (watermelon black pepper, anyone?!?)

Ohana DonuterieWe had a planned play date with friends, and I figured it was a perfect opportunity to do a little taste testing of the Ohana product. I picked up a box that included some classics – cinnamon sugar, chocolate dip and vanilla dip, some with filling, some without – as well as that week’s feature flavours, Key Lime and Margarita, and the brand new Gluten-free, vegan donut holes (also in the cinnamon sugar flavour). I figured if anyone was going to give me an honest opinion on treats it would be four 3.5 year old kids!

I cut our selections into tiny triangles and we started sampling. My daughter, E, known for her sweet tooth, tried each and loved them all. I asked which was her favourite and she answered “Everything!” Tough to write a review based on that.

My pickier daughter had a one track mind – it was all about the chocolate dip for her. Warm, fresh and fluffy with smooth icing on top – she was in her glory! No need to branch out beyond the classics here.

My friend and her son both liked the Key Lime Pie (as did I!) – the limey taste in the icing and cream was tangy but not overwhelming. Her daughter was happy with the vanilla and chocolate options – filled or unfilled, you really can’t go wrong. My husband and I chose the Original cinnamon sugar as our favourites, and both the regular donut and the new Gluten-Free Vegan donut were delicious. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference, had they not been made in different shapes!

Ohana Donuterie

Ohana’s store is a bright, inviting space, set up to look a little like a Hawaiian surf shack. You can watch as your donuts are made, or sit down, sip their delicious coffee (both their drip and espresso products are excellent) and admire the black and white photos decorating the wall. Bike parking is available, and up to half the restaurant space can be rented for private functions. The food truck operates to the end of October, and it too can be booked for private parties, from weddings to golf tournaments and everything in between! If you happen to see the food truck out and about this summer, be sure to grab a snack from it, as every truck purchase comes with a buy one, get one coupon!

Ohana Donuterie

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a delicious, freshly-made treat that will please everyone from the kiddos to the grandparents, look no further than Ohana Donuterie!  Be sure to check their website for upcoming feature flavours. You’re going to want to pop in every week!

Ohana Donuterie

Ohana Donuterie:

Where: 10347 – 80 Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780-777-1322
Website: ohanadonuts.com

Post updated on 1/16/21.